10 Food Rules To Live By or….well….Death Likely.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about healthy eating, dieting, and weight loss. Here are 10 simple rules to help clear that all up.

  1. Eat a diet balanced in fruit and vegetables, grains and starches, meats, legumes, and dairy.
  2. Try not to eat too much red meat or pork and focus on chicken, fish, and veggies to get the youthfulness of those in the Mediterranean. Replace butter with healthy olive oil.
  3. Add butter to your coffee to truly be healthy.
  4. When eating grains and starches, avoid gluten. Always choose gluten free.
  5. Avoid eating grains and starches, legumes as well as dairy to successfully go Paleo. Eat a diet balanced in meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fats.
  6. In addition to avoiding starches, legumes, and dairy, also cut out fruit so that you can follow a low carb, ketogenic diet.
  7. Avoid eating eggs, meat, dairy, and anything that comes from an animal, but feel free to include dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut milk, lots of fruit and vegetables, beans and lentils, grains and starches to properly follow a vegan diet. Don’t even look at honey, what are you some kind of animal!? Sorry, that was offensive to the animals probably.
  8. The grains and starches should not be starchy or processed. Focus on tubers, potatoes, corn, squash, yucca, etc. as part of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet.
  9. Do a juice cleanse often to help pick up the slack for your ill functioning liver and kidney. If it is not expensive, it aint working. Consider organic juice.
  10. Lastly, make sure that your food is clean. Eating dirty food is the absolutely worst of them all. With your clean food, drink kombucha.

With these 10 easy steps you’ll be the worlds healthiest person and all health issues should be cured permanently.

Bon appétit!

10 to ZEN: Meditation , Mindfulness & Monkey Minds

We are so lucky to have a guest blogger today, Terri Gaglardi, who I asked to teach us a few lessons about mindfulness and meditation. I have seen so many posts lately about schools that replaced detention with meditation and I needed to learn more!!

1. What is your business?

I started a company in Calgary called Monkey Minds that teaches kids about mindfulness meditation. We hold workshops which are designed to learn in fun and creative ways how to calm down their “monkey minds.” Teaching children about the science of how our brains work, in that WE are in control of our thoughts can help them deal with big emotions such as worry, fear, anxiety, & frustration.

2. What does a “typical” Monkey Minds workshop look like?
I think being a fly on a wall in one of our sessions could be quite funny actually .. our classes can sometimes be a little silly & loud, but we want children to learn these tools in a fun environment. All of our classes have a theme, based on such principles as: practicing gratitude, positive intentions, kindness, big emotions, breathing as a super power etc. We focus on that theme in our meditation, play , worksheets and crafts. The kids always get take homes that can help them in their practice as well as show their parents and caregivers what they learned. At the end of every class, we get comfy and turn down the lights and I take them through a guided meditation. Honestly, I think its what the kids love best about class. 


2. What is your definition of  Mindfulness & Meditation?

Mindfulness, simply put is the focusing on the present moment and meditation is state of just being and calming the mind.

3. These words seem to be “popping up” everywhere lately , why do you think that is?

Mindfulness is definitely the “hot” topic these days as is meditation, but these terms are not new. I do think with all the research on practicing both and the profound positive life changes people are experiencing its just bringing it into the light. Life is active, its go go go , People are looking for strategies that help bring a little peacefulness and ways to slow it down.

4. What benefits do you think children can benefit from my learn these tools?

Already I am hearing such positive feedback from children and parents. Using the deep breathing techniques we teach is helping with anger, worry, frustrations, nightmares … and the list goes on. The research and science behind the benefits of meditation and mindfulness is undeniable. It can help us make dramatic positive life changes for kids and adults.

5. What are your dreams for Monkey Minds?

Grow… Grow… Grow… Raising awareness children and parents.

My ultimate dream goal is teaching this in the school system. I have so many great friends & teachers who are supporters that I don’t think that goal is too far off ? Already I have taught in Grades 2& 3 classrooms at my daughters school and have been asked to teach Grade 1’s at another school at the end of the month. Very exciting!

6. What lead you to this business?

While I was on mat leave I started diving into lessons of the universe. I attended training and received certification in Reiki Master as well as Law of attraction. Through research and classes it lead me into learning more about mindfulness and meditation . Initially I was looking for strategies for my daughter to help her with some worry and anxiety she was struggling with. I had taken mindfulness and meditation classes here in Calgary for myself but when I found a training certification program in Edmonton that specialized in teaching children about mindfulness meditation I quickly enrolled…It was truly a wonderful experience and I left with the feeling I was ready to turn my knowledge into a plan … and Monkey Minds was created.

7. Do you just teach children?

I do teach an adult class as well at Modern & Mindful meditation studio in Calgary. This weekend at Monkey Minds I am holding a parent/child workshop so I am very excited to have the parents come and experience our classes too.

8.What about for adults , how we can fit this practice into our busy lives?

The great thing about being mindful and practicing meditation is that we can incorporate it into our daily routines anytime and anywhere. Everything we do from eating, walking, listening, working out, watching t.v to spending time with our kids, we can be mindful. Its being in that moment right here , right now and noticing what is happening and what your are experiencing.

Driving is a big one for me, that is where I do my best thinking and often over thinking. Sometimes when I reach my destination I think ” I don’t even remember driving here.” I am trying to shift and really focus on what I am seeing and experiencing and not being so much on auto pilot. In our world today we are multi-taskers, we have to be or we wouldn’t get it all accomplished… but start by taking one thing in your day, even your morning coffee .. drink it mindfully, notice the flavors and how it makes you feel. Its the practice of bringing your thoughts back to the present moment – like anything , practice makes progress.

Having said that though, don’t do yourself the disservice of not taking a few minutes out of your day to sit in quiet and meditate … even if just for a few minutes.

9. Any last comments to share?

The most important thing I can share is don’t be overwhelmed on the subject. Change doesn’t happen overnight and neither does this. For years I have been reading about meditation, practicing it, giving up and starting over. Being someone who is living mindfully and practicing meditation doesn’t mean you have it all together all the time, always happy, or totally at peace . It’s knowing that it’s out there and knowing you its available to you anytime you want.

Most people say BUT “I can’t just can’t sit there and not think!”

Trust me I get it .. its tough, but every time we do it we learn to notice the thoughts and instead of attaching to them we simply let them go. I still have days where my mind is just going crazy and to sit and meditate feels like a total waste of time but trust me it isn’t. Just don’t overthink it. I tell my Monkey Minds parents the seeds of mindfulness and meditation are being planted, and it is not going to happen overnight, but eventually it gets in and starts to grow and they will start to use what they are learning.

If you are new to meditation I suggest starting off with a guided meditation. You will find lots on you tube, and there are some great apps out there as well.

10. Where can our readers learn more about Monkey Minds?
Check out www.monkeyminds.net and follow us on Facebook. For your PEI readers , Monkey Minds will be spending the summer on the beautiful island and am looking into a hosting a workshop. Please get in touch if interested in joining.

I’m in shape because round is a shape

We have a guest writer today- Jeff Linnen. He is my hard working, hilarious and wonderful finance. Here is a look into his ongoing fitness journey. I could not be more proud! – Janna 

I can honestly say I have been overweight since the age of 12. I’m not going to sugar coat it because I am liable to eat that- along with the other junk food I have been ingesting for the last 24 years. By the age of 34, I was well into the obese category and on my way to an early grave and I take full responsibility for that.

It wasn’t until I met the love of my life and asked her to marry me saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” that I realized something; “the rest of my life” was a loose term that was directly related to the way I was choosing to live my life. I knew I needed to make a change but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how. I mean I tried Atkins, Weightwatchers and that diet where you eat as much chocolate cake as possible (that is a thing right?) and nothing seemed to help.

One day I woke up and said,” what if I stop eating junk food and start doing a little exercise?”  Within about 4 months I was down almost 20 lbs. I felt like I was hit with something that can only be described as the sledge hammer of truth. Who would have thought that by simply being conscious of what you eat and doing some walking would make such a difference. I was feeling pretty good about myself but I then hit the dreaded plateau.

I had heard this would happen but honestly never believed that I would even see it, let alone hit it. Well I did, and along with the plateau came the discouraging feeling that I would live there forever. I decided to do something about it and joined a program at my local gym (Just Fitness Yellowknife) called Life Change. I was a little sceptical at first. I mean, in 6 weeks could I change my life going to the gym 4 times a week?

It turns out that with the support from my loving fiancée, the guidance of a great group of trainers and some hard food choices , I actually could. Now, that’s not to say there were not speed bumps and hiccups along the way. By speed bumps I mean pizza and by hiccups I mean actual hiccups because that’s what happens when you do too many burpees.  I was able to make some real progress and change some of the fundamental issues I had with food and my own body.

Here are just a few of the many things I learned from the program Life Change (all credit for the below mentioned lessons are credited to Just Fitness in Yellowknife).

1. It’s not about the scale-It is easy to say that but it’s true. I can say from experience when you lose minimal weight but drop 2 pant sizes and a shirt size in 6 weeks the smile on your face is pretty darn big.
2. Your only competition is your former self-If I could do more reps in week 3 than I did in week 1 well that is huge. Improvement is the most important thing.
3. Falling off the rails for a meal or even a day is not the end of the world-One thing I had the hardest time with was if I ate something I shouldn’t have (i.e.: afore mentioned pizza) I would feel bad for myself and follow it up with some cookies (or the lava cake that comes with the pizza). Turns out that does not help and makes you feel worse. Take each day as an individual and focus on making it the best day possible.
4. Don’t quit!-This may seem obvious but the reality is, it is so easy to give up when you are met with pain, or a struggle. Just remember, even if you are doing a modified exercise that is still better than doing nothing and will be building up your ability to do the full exercise moving forward.

The moral of the story is just find something that works for you. Make small changes that you can live with and build on until they become big changes. Get out there and do something physical that challenges you and makes you a little uncomfortable. My journey to a healthier lifestyle is just beginning but I am looking forward to all this adventure holds. My last point of advice is if you do order pizza make sure you get extra ranch for dipping.

Staying healthy over the holidays

There are so many strategies to staying healthy over the holidays and endless posts and information available. Here are some standard tips:

  • Don’t eat sweets
  • Stay home
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Definitely don’t drink egg nog
  • Do not go to parties
  • Definitely don’t go to buffets.

There you have it! Just kidding. But what if you want to go to your work’s holiday party and get wasted in front of all your co-workers (and are responsible and have a designated driver of course)!? What about all of the potlucks and bake exchanges!? Staying healthy over the holidays does not have to be impossible. Here are a few things to consider over the holidays that will help you from ignoring your health and goals for an entire month.


If you are going to a “shot”luck on Friday night, make sure you have an extra healthy b’fast and lunch. There is no need to sabotage a whole day just because of one meal. Also, some preliminary hydration wouldn’t hurt either!

Never skip a meal

Try your very best not to ever skip a meal because you are already anticipating that you will overeat for one of them. Its a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy because you most certainly will, but also you will be extra hungry because you missed a meal! This will lead to overeating 100% of the time.


Try not to drop your workout routines just because it is ‘the holidays.’ I love the holidays, hell I am even born on Christmas day, but the holidays do not need to be celebrated night and day for the entire month of December.

Be mindful

Think about whether or not your hunger is what is pushing you to the buffet table for round 2. Are you satisfied with what you ate? If you eat a second piece of dessert will you be twice as satisfied?

Say no

If someone is pushing their stupid, cherry filled cookie upon you and you really do not want it, SAY NO. You can say no thank you also. It is absolutely okay to refuse a dessert even if someone insists without as single ounce of an excuse. If you really want to throw out a line here is one “No thanks, I’m full.” Simple.

Stop with the Christmas baking

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from co-workers that they need to get all of their Christmas baking done AND how much of their Christmas baking that they, themselves, eat. Why the eff do you need to bake 30 types of cookies and squares?! No one is going to die because they didn’t get a tin of your peanut butter balls because chances are they have 50 other tins in their freezer. If you have people in your life you like to bake for to show that you are thinking of them, try something new this year. Give a special ornament, a homemade wreath, a cute jar of preserves (surely you can trust yourself not to binge eat pickles or cranberry chutney whilst cooking it), or even a nice local product such as chocolate or cheese. Point is, no one is going to die without your baking.

Watch the liquid calories

Holiday punches, ciders, eggnogs, lattes, you name it. These delightful, yet extremely calorie laden beverages are bound to eff with your health goals. If you are going for a specialty beverage try to enjoy just one and switch to something a little lighter.

Best of luck, although with these tips and a little self-love, “the holidays” won’t be to blame!



A How-To-Guide to Getting Strong

Might I start off by saying what an absolute privilege it is to be guest blogging for such delightful, insightful, accomplished, beautiful, know- it-alls! While the following article may be written from a male’s perspective, the basic premise is the same for both men and women on how to get strong.

If you’re a young athlete just starting to train, someone looking to be stronger, or just trying to tone up those Mom or Dad bods, there should be nothing complicated about your routine until you’ve reached the upper limits of your strength potential. Your workouts shouldn’t really fundamentally change until you reach this point and that could take years. In fact, I’ve used the same basic boring 3 day split (chest/back/legs) for 16 years now and haven’t changed the basics of it ever. I know that there are plenty of variables that one should consider depending on your goals, and current fitness levels but at the most basic level, these two “secrets” are the most important to keep in mind.

Secret # 1 – Your brain has more to do with your physical abilities than anything
Secret # 2 – Your body has predetermined limits to it’s physical ability and some are luckier then others so don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t keep up to someone.

Technique aside, at a very basic level the difference between you and that super jacked person beside you at the gym is, that from one moment to the next, they’re simply trying harder then you are. It’s not that you aren’t trying, because as far as your brain is concerned you’re trying as hard as you possibly can, it’s that you’re brain isn’t letting you try as hard as they are. Some people just have a “killer instinct” or tenacity that others don’t have and generally speaking you can tell who those people are by watching them in the gym or on the field for 5 minutes. Sounds far fetched but take 10 minutes to watch this very insightful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saQjtqcVwzU

This guy is explaining the science behind what, in my opinion, is THE most important thing about training and experiencing results, your brain’s ability to go from 0-100%. It’s far less about technique (although it has to be good to avoid injuries!) or constantly changing your exercise routine (the RIGHT routine and enough rest are actually critical as well), it’s mostly about training your mind to focus and learn to “explode” allowing the muscles you do have to be used. By focusing on your strength as oppose to what your body looks like, you’ll inevitable get the results you were looking for faster.

Next time you’re at the gym just watch the facial expressions of those training around you. You’ll notice a select few approach every exercise (or at least the first few) as if they are lifting a flaming car off a litter of kittens. I bet these people are coincidentally seeing the best results. They aren’t doing that to intimidate you or to be an asshole (although it’s possible) but because they are going as hard as they can, as fast as they can, for as long as they can.

Well that seems easy enough, just try harder.. so why doesn’t everyone do it then?..Because it’s very hard to develop the ability to switch on your full intensity in the blink of an eye on command but for some people it just comes naturally. Luckily there are some relatively simple tricks to help you establish this sort of controlled tantrum while exercising. You can try all of them at once or pick and choose what works for you. You may not feel the switch turn on right away but I suggest that you fake it until you make it and it will come eventually. Here are 6 tips to help you do just that:

Find a good training partner

Intensity can be contagious. The easiest way develop the habit is to follow someone who already has it. Find someone who currently trains hard or is annoyingly competitive to be your training partner and push each other.

Warm up to be explosive not to taper

Don’t be content starting with 20 minutes on the elliptical! What are you? 90!? Warm up by progressing into a few full sprints; not enough to be exhausted but enough to get your body ready to “explode” when you hit the weights. Sprinting is equivalent to the fountain of youth and feels great once you get used to it. If you haven’t sprinted in 20 years (or ever) don’t go overboard or your hurt yourself. It takes 5-10 minutes, hop on a track of treadmill start jogging slowly for a few minutes  then speed up first by extending your stride followed by your cadence until you reach your limit. Stop, rest and repeat. Again, don’t go out and kill yourself the first time! It may take weeks until you can actually do it well and if you haven’t sprinted in ages you’ll notice that your hips will feel very awkward at first.

Visualize yourself in an intense moment 

The moment before start a hard set, I always drum up a vivid memory from the rugby field. This instantly makes my heart pound and spikes my adrenaline every time. For you it might be something different and it doesn’t even have to be a real memory. You can picture yourself saving your children or your new and improved self crushing your opposition next season on the ice. The point is that these sort of thoughts are effective at drumming up adrenaline the moment before you start a particular exercise. The idea is to create a sort of controlled tantrum.

Crank the music

I usually listen to music throughout my entire workout but there are a select few songs that seem to make my hair stand on end, my heart pound and again help in spiking my adrenaline. The moment before you step up to do that hard set crank those tunes up!

Grind your teeth together

While it may not be the best thing for your teeth, this sort of clenching is essential for letting it all out at once when you really want make that extra push. In fact, I would go further in saying that you should basically learn to clench your entire body. Seems tiring and impossible at first but it’ll come. Flex your legs, butt cheeks and abs, pull your shoulder blades together, grind your teeth together and if you really want to give it your all…as one of my coaches suggests, drive your tongue up against the roof of you mouth.


This one is key. It Seems a little too basic but it can be easily forgotten while trying to implement all of the tips above. There is a real nack to effectively breathing that all of you yogis may have already mastered. Eventually it just comes naturally and timing is everything here.  Fill your lungs while you let the weight down, then as you strain to lift the weight, squeeze your stomach and hold the air in for just a split second and finally, just as you start to feel your muscles contemplate giving up on the effort, let it all out in one hard exhale (or grunt what ever floats your boat).  Voila!  You’ve just “exploded”! Now repeat for every rep until your muscles are exhausted and you are completely winded.

So there it is! Now lets all turn into super humans!… If it wasn’t for this even more basic reality explained in this 2nd insightful video we’d be all over that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dChhzNGHgnA

Bread basket

What the eff is gluten?

Gluten has been a major hot topic for way too long. Poor, poor gluten. So misunderstood, yet such a common buzz word! And the worst part is that the majority of people truly have no clue what gluten even is. Check out this hilarious video where Jimmy Kimmel actually proves that statement to be true! I find it interesting how different aspects of nutrition are so widely accepted and other messages are completely lost. People are totally willing to accept that aspartame causes seizures, egg yolks cause high cholesterol, and gluten causes weight gain, irritable bowel, acne, bloating, unicyclism, and largeelbowism, plus one million more really horrible things. Okay maybe I made some of those up. Point is, we hatin’ on gluten big time.

Okay, so stop wasting my time and just tell me what gluten is.

Well, simply put, gluten is a type of protein found in wheat. You may notice the word gluten sounds very similar to the word glue, and that my friend is no coincidence. Gluten holds everything together which is why it is found is some very unsuspecting places sometimes like sausages or toothpaste. It is there to hold everything together in one tight form.

Have you ever noticed when baking that one of the recipe directions might be to stir for 20 strokes or some random number that seems impossible to actually mix things within? Well that direction is actually helping your from overproducing gluten. Should you forego the direction and use 100 strokes, you’ll notice some very misshapen baked goods! If your cupcakes or lemon loafs always come out with huge cone like shapes on the top and you then are forced to go buy one and play it off as your own, then try a few less strokes!

Where is gluten found?

Since gluten is a protein found in wheat, you can assume everything made with some sort of grain-wheat, barley, rye, triticale, etc. contains gluten. That pretty well covers every single thing that comes from a bakery (that’s twice now I’ve stabbed you in the back delicious cinnamon rolls, sorry), breads, cookies, cakes, all baked goods, cereals, pasta, most sauces and gravies, beer, and that is just the start of the list!

Why would anyone avoid gluten?

If someone has an autoimmune condition called celiac disease, then they absolutely need to avoid gluten. This is a black and white diagnosis, you have it, or you don’t. There are tests your doctor can do to confirm this diagnosis but the best way is to do a scope of your intestines. If you have celiac disease, choosing not to follow the diet is not recommended and even dangerous for your health. There is also a condition called gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, this one is more of a grey area. There is a lack of consistent research on how to diagnosis and treat this condition and a lot of overlap between symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Going gluten free has also been brought to the attention of media in recent years in relation to autism spectrum disorder thanks to our famous health specialist, Jenny McCarthy. Research certainly lacks in this area to say the least.

Can avoiding gluten cause weight loss?

That is a complex question. In short, yes. BUT. And there is most certainly a but. It depends on your approach. If you cut out every food listed in the “where is gluten found” section, of course you would lose weight because it essentially eliminates all processed sweets and treats, and turns the focus of the diet to proteins, fruits and veggies, and dairy.  However, you can certainly take the same approach to weight loss with gluten included by reducing your portions of the gluten containing foods and focusing the diet on protein, fruit and veggies, and dairy. Thanks to the trend of people going gluten free and turning it into a booming money making business, you can now happily buy gluten free baked goods of all kinds,  gluten free pizzas, pasta, you name it, and it exists. For a pretty price I may add as the gluten free products often they run 1.5-3x the price of their gluten containing counterparts.

I’m not hating on you gluten free’ers who have gone down that road by choice and not out of necessity, and if it helped you than even better. However, for all of you out there who believe it will be the next big weight loss secret, I would keep following the yellow brick road.


What the eff is a carbohydrate?

“I’m trying to lose weight so I cut out carbohydrates-all white potatoes, bread, and pasta.” I hear it on the daily. Poor potatoes. Poor bread. Poor pasta. What did they ever do to you!? And what about all the other carbohydrates, how did they get a ‘get out of jail’ card?

What is a carbohydrate you ask?

A carbohydrate is is one of the 3 macronutrients (along with fat and protein) that, after consumption, are broken into glucose and used by the body as a source of energy. Excess glucose is stored in your body as something called glycogen. Should you be chased by a bear tomorrow your glycogen stores will break open and provide you with the speed you need to hopefully outrun the bear (Note….don’t try your glycogen stores out to see if you can actually outrun a bear, I hear they are really fast). Once the glycogen stores are all filled up, excess glucose can also be stored as fat.

Where are carbohydrates found?

Carbohydrates can be spotted quite easily if a food has sugar as an ingredient, whether its white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey (gasp! But it’s natural!), cane sugar, you name it, they are all fancy words for carbohydrate. So this covers all of the sweets and treats, ice cream, chocolate, sugary beverages and juices, and almost every single thing that comes out of the doors of a bakery (sorry to betray you delicious cinnamon rolls). Less obvious sources of carbohydrates are in all fruit…so stop harping on the poor bananas, all dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and kefir, all grain products (hot and cold cereals, bread, pasta, rice, pita/flat bread, wraps, crackers, etc.), potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn. Wow that is a long list. Some vegetables also have carbohydrates but they tend to be in very small and often negligible amounts.

Do I need to stop eating carbohydrates to lose weight?

Low carbohydrate diets are certainly a method of weight loss and often of the rapid variety. Glycogen (remember that word from above) holds, on average, 10lbs of water. When people eliminate carbohydrates from their diet they typically deplete all of the glycogen stores and lose all of its attached water. On average, most people lose 10lbs in the first 1-2 weeks of a low carb diet. Sounds enticing, and that is why they are so popular. The dark side of this story is that the weight re-gain tends to be rapid should someone return to eating a diet with a full compliment of carbohydrates. There are people who are able to maintain this style of eating for life and for those people the re-gain won’t be an issue. For everyone else, its the harsh reality.

So, I can lose weight and eat carbs?

YES! I even recommend it. But portion sizes are still important as are the quality of the carbs. Balancing out whole grains, fruit, and dairy products is not the same as balancing out doughnuts and juice boxes!

So, if your neighbor claims to have a friend who has a cousin who has a hair stylist who tried this fancy diet and lost 10 pounds in one week…..be skeptical. Because the chances that she cut out carbs are high.


(I wish I knew who deserved the credit for this amazing photo)

I would love to hear about your experience with weight loss and low carbohydrate diets!


So I guess the 10 second rule is really out..

For any of you who were caught up doing work today at the office and missed out on the water cooler chats, I’m guessing you missed out on the latest research- food that falls on the floor is instantly contaminated by bacteria even if it is only there for 5 seconds or less!! I used to draw the line at dropping things on floors in bacteria laden facilities such as airports and sidewalks. But my own home is apparently out too, whoops. Take a look at the article and get yourself caught up on today’s hot topics.

As if accepting the demise of Branjelina was not enough for one day, now you find out you shouldn’t eat food off the floor. What is this world coming too. RIP.