10 Food Rules To Live By or….well….Death Likely.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about healthy eating, dieting, and weight loss. Here are 10 simple rules to help clear that all up.

  1. Eat a diet balanced in fruit and vegetables, grains and starches, meats, legumes, and dairy.
  2. Try not to eat too much red meat or pork and focus on chicken, fish, and veggies to get the youthfulness of those in the Mediterranean. Replace butter with healthy olive oil.
  3. Add butter to your coffee to truly be healthy.
  4. When eating grains and starches, avoid gluten. Always choose gluten free.
  5. Avoid eating grains and starches, legumes as well as dairy to successfully go Paleo. Eat a diet balanced in meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fats.
  6. In addition to avoiding starches, legumes, and dairy, also cut out fruit so that you can follow a low carb, ketogenic diet.
  7. Avoid eating eggs, meat, dairy, and anything that comes from an animal, but feel free to include dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut milk, lots of fruit and vegetables, beans and lentils, grains and starches to properly follow a vegan diet. Don’t even look at honey, what are you some kind of animal!? Sorry, that was offensive to the animals probably.
  8. The grains and starches should not be starchy or processed. Focus on tubers, potatoes, corn, squash, yucca, etc. as part of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet.
  9. Do a juice cleanse often to help pick up the slack for your ill functioning liver and kidney. If it is not expensive, it aint working. Consider organic juice.
  10. Lastly, make sure that your food is clean. Eating dirty food is the absolutely worst of them all. With your clean food, drink kombucha.

With these 10 easy steps you’ll be the worlds healthiest person and all health issues should be cured permanently.

Bon appétit!

Janna’s Top 10 Favourite Products

Happy Thursday!

I am one who loves beauty products. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite products. This is not sponsored, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if MAC contacted us and offered to. Here’s to good products!

Skin careEminence – Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer, Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, Eight Greens Youth Serum and Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. #NOTAPYRAMIDSCHEME I do not sell Eminence, but I love it. I wanted to get my skin into tip top wedding shape and my fab aesthetician Chelsea suggested I go the Eminence route, and I haven’t looked back.

 MascaraMAC False Lashes and Dior Show. Love them both equally.

Lip careNova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Lip Care (Fisher-Mint) & Hurraw (Chai Spice Lip Balm). No lipsticks to share this time as its’s winter and the struggle to moisturize my lips is real. 


Blow DryerKardashian Beauty Hair Dryer. Don’t judge. It actually works amazingly well and as a human who hatesssss blow drying hair, this magical little machine makes the process nearly painless. An added bonus, there is some pretty rose gold detailing.



FragranceViktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I love the roller ball so I can have one in each bathroom, purse, nook and cranny. It’s light, slightly floral but not old lady. It’s amazing.







Brow CareAnatasia Dipbrow Pomade is bae.



Moisturize (the cold away)- Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme– I’ve been using this for years and years and continue to love it. Non greasy and great smelling, effective hand cream. They also have a killer body sugar scrub. Plus, Cake Beauty is a Canadian line. Bonus!                                                                                                 – Bliss Body Butter. Can’t decide which one I like more- Grapefruit+ Aloe or Lemon+ Sage. They smell so good and can often be found at Winners for half the price of Sephora.


BlushNars (shade- Orgasm). I discovered this blush by reading about it on another bloggers best beauty products and I have to agree. It’s not too much- but certainly adds some much needed colour to my face during the cold months. 




Eye linersStila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. This easy to use, legit stay all day liquid liner is the end of the search for the best of the best. I was flabbergasted I liked it so much, as I was a faithful MAC user. Never too late to learn new things!

I’m still on the hunt for a make up setting spray that works so if you have any suggestions please pass them on! Or a foundation that doesn’t suck.

As a bonus product, and because I will never do a post on my favourite cleaning products…..here is my favourite dish soap. It smells fantastic. It makes doing the dishes slightly more tolerable. I have yet to find somewhere online that sells The Honest Company, but locally in Yellowknife it can be found at Canadian Tire. It’s pricier than the average dish soap, but I think this product is worth it.

Wishing you well in your own personal beauty journey!



P.S. THANK YOU to all who have sent us messages about funny/disaster dates they have had. I was laughing out loud reading them. Can’t wait to share them with you for Valentines Day! Again- thanks for the love and support for Ladies that Life!




10 Ways to be a Better Sherlock (Health) Holmes

We live in a world where information is in our faces all. day. long. whether you want it or not. “Now that you mention it, I was wondering how to melt belly fat…….now that you mention it I was wondering how to get rid of my crows feet using only 3 household ingredients.” You no longer have to dust off your parent’s dusty encyclopedia collection to find information about cholesterol or allergies. Now you have the option to read articles on both of those topics from world renowned specialists and researchers, your friendly back yard neighbour who specializes in sifting through your garbage, or a journalist who graduated last semester. How can anyone expect to know the difference?! Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you sift through some trash of your own and raise a very skeptical brow:

Who is posting the article?

Always question the source. Is it a reputable source such as the Canadian Diabetes Centre or the Canadian Paediatric Society? Is it possible that it is a satire website like The Onion (those articles sound convincingly real at times)? Always look to go to the most reputable sources of information on the topic you’re curious about.

who is the author?

This part kills me. Soooooo many things we hear in the media are written by journalists. Who have a degree in journalism. JOURNALISM. I am not sure about their ability to interpret data before making blanket statements but some of them have mastered this area of journalism. I read an article just today where Yoni Freedhoff (Family Doctor & Obesity Guru) looked into a claim linking grapes to Alzheimer’s. It sounds sexy on paper and is great for getting views. But at the end of the day not all journalists can interpret research and should be taken with world’s smallest grain of salt. 

Who is the author part 2?

Say you are doing some research on whether or not chocolate is going to be beneficial to your heart health. You come up with the 4 articles below and assume that yes it must be beneficial as 3 out of 4 of these research articles found that there was a benefit. One thing these articles all have in common however, is Petrone, AB. The same author has had a hand in writing all 4 articles, and that my friend is what we would call a researcher bias.

Ideally, your research hunt should be made up of several different authors to eliminate bias.  Newer and emerging/questionable research topics such as intermittent fasting is going to have fewer people doing research so it is likely that the results you are finding are from a select, small group of researchers. A bias of any type should raise a red flag.

Does the information include a cure?

Despite what these articles will lead you to believe, if there was a cure for major conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or cancer, you would not be finding it accidentally through a google search. It would be on every major media outlet for days and days. It would be a big deal. I once was waiting for a smoothie at a Juice place and found out, by reading their sign, that wheat grass cured up to 7 serious health conditions. Imagine that if I hadn’t gotten a smoothie that day I would have never known that wheat grass cures some cancers! No.

What are the authors credentials?

At the end of this article if I write Heather McIver, MoB, GW, BaMA does that make me credible? No. Because being a Mom of a Boy, a Good Wife, and having a Basket of Makeup makes me no more qualified to write about health information than your local tailor. Letters mean very little, even when they are common. Not even a medical doctor can be considered a reputable source of information if they are giving biased material they aren’t specialized in.

Do you have to pay for something?

Cures often come with a large, exaggerated price tag set to take advantage of vulnerable people looking for a quick fix. If you need a real treatment for a health condition, it generally should not be delivered by your local UPS guy and left on your front door step. Generally.

Is the website crawling with ads and popups?

This should shout from atop the mountain “WE ARE HERE TO MAKE TONS OF MONEY OFF OF YOU!”


Anytime someone writes and article that is full of factual information or statements that are somehow proven to be true, there should be a reference list at the bottom of the article. Check out this list and see if the references are in any way legit. If the reference list includes wikipedia, and website testimonials the writer may not have done his/her homework very well.

Outrageous claims?

Along with cures as being quite outrageous, there are really colourful statements that can be just as convincing. Think Dr. Oz. “This amazing and powerful supplement decreased appetite in 75% of participants!” Sounds so pretty. Beware of these statements, they are a vortex designed to suck you in. Even Dr. Oz himself admitted he uses the words to get great ratings, not because any of the products he is promoting are actually the most amazing thing since sliced bread (who can actually cut perfect slices by hand?!)

who is funding the research?

Anytime someone writes about the research they have completed they must declare who, if anyone, has funded the research. This is always found at the end of the article where I believe they are hoping people won’t read to! If the article claims that a weight loss supplement resulted in 23% less body fat in 3 weeks and the study was funded by the makers of said weight loss supplement, there is bias written all over it. While they may not have done anything illegal to fib the data, they may not have interpreted it quite correctly.


Well if that isn’t enough to make you completely confused I don’t know what is! I do hope, however, that it will make you a regular Sherlock Holmes of health claim quackery!





10 Healthy Habits You NEED in 2017

Bla bla bla new year new you. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the old you was likely not so bad. Good even. Instead of hoping for a new you, what about an enhanced you? A healthier version of your 2016 self. Here are 10 healthy habits that will help you actually achieve some of those resolutions that will last a lifetime. After all, its not what you eat or what you do between Christmas and New Years that is the issue here, its what you do between New Years and Christmas (Get it!? Stole that from an instructor at my gym today and I’m almost sure he stole it from someone else…brilliant none the less)!

  1. Eat 3 meals a day, everyday. Ask any single person who has ever lost weight AND maintained it (that eliminates all of you fad dieters and fasters out there) and they will tell you that regular meals was vital to their success.
  2. Snack ONLY if you are hungry. But I am hungry all the time you may say! Wrong. Thinking about food and actually being hungry are two very different things. Listen to your body and truly find out if it is hungry.
  3. Drink water. I will never, ever understand people drinking 2L of diet pepsi everyday. It may have diet in the name but its a poor strategy to try fill food cravings with a fake sugar garbage beverage. Add cucumber, lemon, or berries to spice it up or go for my personal favourite, grapefruit perrier or soda stream!
  4. Sleep. There is more than enough research to support that people who sleep well are healthier and happier people. Poor sleepers will gain an average of 6lbs per year! If you are a poor sleeper, discuss it with your doctor. Generally there is always a WHY and most often a fix for that why.
  5. Move. Move as much as you can as often as you can. If you can walk for 10 minutes at lunch then do it. If you have the luxury of time and can attend a fitness class before or after work, do that. Do whatever it is that you can as often as you can because it is 100% better than doing nothing. Movement does not need to be specifically for weight loss or those 6-pack abs. It is beneficial for sleep, mental health, blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, and the list goes on and on and on.
  6. Deal with your stress. Figure out if having a few minutes to yourself to read, exercise, or take a long bath is enough to punch your stress in the face. If it goes deeper than that, talk to someone. Most workplaces have an employee assistance program (EAP) that offers free and confidential counselling to you and your family. Most health plans cover private social workers and therapists. Talk to you doctor. Talk to SOMEONE, ANYONE.
  7. Stop feeding your emotions. Do you run for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s each time your Mother calls? Well, sorry momma but we are not answering your calls anymore!
  8. No more stocking sweets in the house for ‘guests.’ Who the hell are these demanding, sweet-loving guests that are mysteriously dropping into your house unannounced?! I hear it all the time “I have to keep cookies and baked goods in the house for when company drops by.” Guess what I also hear…. “Every time I go visiting I am offered sweets and I feel rude saying no, so I eat them.” No one wants your cookies Barb, especially if they have raisins or some weird Jelly in them. People no longer visit people and think they are rich if they can provide cookies. Times are a changin’ and we need to change with them.
  9. Start a diary. This diary can be a food diary, a personal diary, a diary for gratitude, a diary to help let out some emotions. Writing is so good for the soul.
  10. Swear sometimes. Cause fuck it feels good.

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the 30 somethings

Throwing a bachelor party in your early 20’s would be so easy. Throw on your sluttiest outfit and have the greatest night of your life, one full of shots, games, and penis shaped everything. Your later 20s and 30s however, they can pose some challenges. Don’t get me wrong, ladies in their late 20s and 30s can and will drink any 23 year old under the table. However, our crop tops don’t fit like they used to. Our 4″ stilettos somehow cause our feet to hurt for 3 days after a night out. And rounds of shots bought by strangers tastes like a 2 day hangover just saying the words. But, we still like to get turnt (that is what the kids say now). And here are tasteful ways to do just that without breaking the bank:

  1. A wine tour. This was put as number one on purpose.  If you haven’t been on a vineyard tour than you must pencil one in. There are a lot of companies now that have tour arrangements specifically for bachelorette type of parties where they throw together a bunch of ladies ranging from well seasoned to barely seasoned drinkers and spare you their judgments. Plus you’ll learn some amazing things about wine that will benefit you in your everyday life should you remember them the next day.
  2. Wine & Cheese. Best give wine one extra bit of credit. Wine bar’s will often have a special wine and cheese samplings where you learn all about which wine’s pair the best with which cheese. Who doesn’t love a nice piece of sharp cheddar to cut through the butthole taste of a chardonnay!? In fact, since my last pairing tour I wouldn’t drink my chardonnay any other way.
  3. Paintball. Coming fresh out of a bachelorette party that started the day off with paint balling, I can say with great confidence it is the most fun ever. To turn it up a notch, have everyone throw on an old bridesmaid dress and of course the bride in an old wedding dress! Starting the day off with a stag versus stagette paintball game is also worth 1000 laughs! (See photo re: bad ass paint balling bride).
  4. Booze cruise. Nothing better than a warm summer’s day with cocktails in hand lounging on your pretend yacht. Keep in mind a rough day on the water can really put a damper on your day so a Plan B is a must!
  5. Party bus. No better way than to get from bar to bar than in a bus with loud music, disco lights, and a stripper pole.
  6. Pole dancing class. I have never done one of these but they look so fun. Mostly because everyone is quite likely to be equally terrible which can only lead to endless laughs and its a way to burn off a calorie or two before a big night out.
  7. Scavenger hunt. This takes a hella organized bridal party so if the bridesmaids all live in difference provinces….I would perhaps pass on this idea. Its a great way to see a city, try out all the local pubs, and meet new friends who were coincidentally looking to have someone sign the bald spot on their head.
  8. Spa day. There are lots of spas that have special packages for group facials, manis/pedis, or even a blow out bar and many of them have trended towards being licensed as well. How convenient. What better way to start a party than to be fully relaxed and ready to go. Although as a side bar, beware that some facials can leave you with some rouge skin for the day and it may not perfectly match your leopard print unitard.
  9. Comedy club. This is the perfect bachelorette party idea for the bachelorette party that does not all know each other that well. Everyone has been on one of those where the bride has so many pods of friends but they do not know one another. It absolutely helps everyone share in a lot of laughs so that everyone has something instantly to bond over.
  10. Exercise class. hahaha. Just kidding.

10 Low Carb Snack Ideas

Wait a minute, you said carbs are good for you! I stand by that 100%. However, people often tell me they have a hard time coming up with snack ideas besides high carb items like granola bars, crackers, cereal, or toast because they are quick and convenient. Sadly, too much of a good thing can be problematic. Here are some great low carb snack options that are not going to give you a beautiful, but very temporary, sugar high!

1/4 cup unsalted nuts
1/2 cup cottage cheese (fat free or 1%) with veggie sticks
1 tbsp of hummus with veggie sticksbreakfast-21707_960_720
Shrimp cocktail with celery
1 hard boiled egg
1/4 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup tuna/salmon with light mayo and veggie sticks
Sliced cucumber dipped in vinegar
Celery sticks with 1 tbsp peanut butter
Muffin Frittatas (recipe here yum yum yum)

Looking for more information on what the eff is a carbohydrate? Check it out here!


                                                              Top 10 things I love about Yellowknife

Yellowknife. Why did I move here? Well, it was as simple as this. I wanted to stay in Canada but I have already lived in Nova Scotia and Alberta. So it was either central or north and I knew some people in Yellowknife who raved about it and away I went.

Turns out, we aren’t battling polar bears and living in igloos. This city of 20,000 people is incredible. Here are 10 reasons why people come for one year and stay for twenty….

  1. The Northern Lights. They really do live up to the hype. Every time I see them, I get blown away. They are a million percent amazing.
  2. Ptarmigans. These are delightful little birds that are dumb as a post. Since they are white they blend right in during the winter months. I love them for their cute-ness, the weird sounds they make and the fact that their name starts with a silent ‘p’.                                    img_4228img_4230Real vs stuffed.
  3. Summer daylight. June 21st is the longest day of the year and it is amazing in the north. There are 19 hours of daylight. It’s energizing, so cool and who doesn’t love midnight bbq’s.
  4. The people. Yellowknife is quite transient and because of this, everyone is welcoming, kind and incredibly friendly. I have seen many friends come and go, but it never fails to amaze me how welcoming we all are to the next person that decides to make Yellowknife their home
  5. The land is a playground. It sometimes feels like there are more lakes than land, and when they all freeze over, this place is the ultimate outdoor playground. Skidoos, skiing, snow shoeing, exploring and on and on and on. In the summer, its all about boats, tubing, swimming and being outside.
  6. The culture. I know I am extra lucky since I work at an Aboriginal school, but I have done some pretty incredible things in the north. Ice fishing.. check! Collection of local Aboriginal artwork…check! Learning a second language (I’ll be it, incredibly slowly!)…check! There are drum dances, throat singers, phenomenal beadwork, and so much moreimg_3950
  7. Opportunity. It is so awesome to look in the local newspaper and see lots of businesses hiring. It’s a young population and heaps of opportunity for work and professional job development. I have never regretted moving here to further my teaching career
  8. Our friends. I sometimes refer to our friend group as the “PEI crew” but there are many other provinces well represented! The first night I moved here, I was taken to the local Irish pub and there was a table of people and my friend said, “Here they are. Your new friends”. As I started to fill my phone with my new friends names and numbers, I felt like I was being adopted into a second family. Our group is always evolving with people coming and going. But that first night I knew YK was a special place and it was going to become my family away from PEI. Three years later, it is still the truth. Shoutout to the best friend group a girl could ask for!
  9. Consistent winter weather. Sounds lame? Not at all. In the winter it is cold. It stays cold and there is none of this east coast up and down and rain and hail. Please imagine a winter without slush for a minute. IT IS GLORIOUS. Now, better than that, there is also no salt on the roads! I haven’t ruined a pair of shoes since moving north. It is all just beautiful white snow!img_422410. Small town vibes… but with an airport! I love living in a city with an airport, and ours is only a 5 minute drive out of town. Yellowknife is small enough that you recognize people just from the grocery store and feel safe, but big enough that you can buy anything you would ever need.

I love my city. If you are thinking of exploring the north, go for it. You won’t regret it!

Playing in the yearly ice castle on the ice road.