World’s Best Bean Salad

This week I promised happy….so here we go.

Okay, I realize that ‘best bean salad’ seems like an oxymoron. But I promise you this is friggen delicious. Admittedly, I am a bit of a creature of habit. My breakfast, snacks, and lunch might the the same for a whole week and that is totally fine for me because I am a busy momma who just needs to be nourished. I will work on nourished and variety some other time in my life. This week, this week was bean salad week. This recipe makes 4-5 servings which is perfect because 15 minutes on Sunday made my week of lunches. Some weeks I win with meal prepped lunches and homemade granola bars and other weeks I eat toast. Can’t win em’ all.

If you have read some of these posts before…you’ll know I love me a good gadget (read all about my love here). This summer I added a new gadget to my life….well perhaps new and                            improved. I had the Tupperware turbo chopper and I upgraded to a bigger one so that I will never Tupperware chopperhave to chop another onion in my life. $100 is the small price to pay to not have your eyeballs bleed and mascara fall off your face. Conveniently, it also makes meal prep super quick if you have to chop any veggies.




So here we go…

Bean Salad:

Drain and rinse one can of each:
Black beans

A red pepper (or yellow or orange, whatever is in the fridge)

A red onion
½ to 1 jalapeno peppers (depends how spicy you like things, I usually use 1 and its still not overly spicy, try to chop finely!)

Dressing: (I usually make this first so its cooled by the time I am done with making it)
½ cup sugar
½ cup vinegar
3/4 cup oil (peanut, canola, avacado, etc. The olive oil tastes a bit funky in this so I wouldn’t recommend it). If you like things more tart than sweet, up your vinegar a bit!

Bring to boil the sugar and vinegar, cool then add oil and mix with salad. Add some chopping cilantro if you like it.



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