As I sit here to write this post I struggle to write anything. I have struggled for a while. The world has been especially plagued over the past couple of months with acts of hatred and death tolls that I never imagined to even be possible. Natural disasters that have ruined homes and families and taken lives. And as of yesterday, the loss of a Canadian icon who in the grand scheme of things is just one person compared to the aforementioned significant tragic losses of 100’s of lives, but we lost what he represented – unity and hope. And at this time in our lives, we need that, a lot of it. How do you follow that with a post about your top ten favorite movies or hair products? You can’t.

I struggle to write about anything that could possibly seem worthwhile right now when there is a world full of hell closing in on us and world leaders that are making sure it stays in your face everyday by using social media as not just a way to communicate but to spread their childish shit. Imagine thinking there would ever be a day where people actually used a forum that only gave you 140 characters to speak in as a professional mode of communication. Or that you would ever have a world leader communicating with people where it involved a hashtag or an emoji.

What I should have written about today are healthy Halloween treats or something nice and happy. But I can’t. Maybe tomorrow, but today I can’t. I guess at the end of the day, we need people to continue being positive and inspiring to make up for the complete and utter deficit that is happening everywhere around us.

I will, however, leave you with this. So you don’t feel extra depressed after reading this post. How adorable is my little gnome circa 2015.



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