Happy Blogiversary To Us!

Happy First Blogiversary to Ladies that Life!

Year one was a real learning curve. For two ladies who love to talk, talking about yourself and personal things is surprisingly difficult. The fear of being judged is a real thing, one that we are both still working on. Nonetheless, the blog has taken shape into something we are both really proud of and continue to be proud of post after post. We are beyond appreciative of all of the people out there who support this creative journey that we have embarked upon! Our grammar has also improved by at least 85%.

After a two month summer break, the Ladies that Life are back in action. As we launch into our second year of blogging, we have lots of great articles coming your way including more healthy recipes, posts about Janna’s wedding and even a give away or two. Stay tuned and check out the links below to catch up on some of our favorite articles from over the past year.

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What the eff is gluten?

A year of grief

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We love love love feedback so if you have any article suggestions, want to contribute or just have something to say, email us- ladiesthatlife@gmail.com

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