I need it for the kids: Tall tales of stocking the house with treats 24/7

Okay first thing is first. I must acknowledge summer has turned me into the world’s worst blogger. I can only hope our loyal fans are too busy to read as we are too busy to write. That too would be an excuse because we all have time…working on that. Onwards and upwards.

It may be no secret that I am indeed a Registered Dietitian, an opinionated one at that perhaps. Today I am here to share, yet another, opinion. This even borders on a rant. Okay it is a rant. Can we all cut the bull shit and stop saying we, as adults, are struggling to lead a healthier lifestyle/lose weight/control diabetes/blood pressure/fatty liver/etc. because the biggest hurdle is that avoiding treats is hard because our houses are stocked full of them FOR THE KIDS. Okay what!?

I literally hear this weekly, and now that summer has thankfully graced our lives, I hear it almost daily. The thing is, if you are struggling to lead a healthier lifestyle and eating almost the same food as your children are, would it not make sense that they will fall into the exact same pattern where they struggle with your exact same health issues!

Please, for the love of all that is good, stop stocking your house with treats. Set great examples of how to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. I promise, when treat night rolls around both you and your kids will actually appreciate the treat that much more! So goodbye chips, goodbye 2 for 1 ice cream sales, fruit gummies, and sweet, sweet cookies. You too fudge sticks and ice cream sandwiches, you too.

Here are some ideas for what to replace them with to make your entire household healthier!

70 Healthy On The Go Portable Snacks



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