why ya gotta be so critical, self?

 We have these rock star friends who recently moved north and turned their hobby (photography) into a business (MT Photography). We knew they would be great since they are our friends, but on top of that they were professional, funny and didn’t make it awkward at all. They had their work cut out for them as both Jeff and I are mega squinty smilers at the best of times, let alone the near blinding sun that still shines bright at 6 pm up here, in the land of the midnight sun.

Anyway. We wanted to have some engagement photos taken and seeing as its less than 8 weeks until our wedding, we had to get cracking. So, we made it happen. It was really fun. Before I knew it, we got our photos back and yay! we had our engagement photos.

As I showed them to people, the response was positive. (I mean, who is going to tell me to my face that I looked like garbage in those photos anyway ?!) At first I struggled to see what they saw. I totally and completely zoomed in and focused on all my flaws. Correction, what I saw to be my flaws. Why didn’t I initially see all the positives? Or the bursting happiness from two people about to be married?

Fast forward a day later. I had looked over the photos millions of times. And I started to realize I liked more and more of them. I began to see the positives over the negatives.

 But then I felt something…. guilt?….. for not being grateful and appreciative of the photos the first 100 times through. I still don’t understand it, but I know I love these photos and will be happy for a lifetime to have them. Thanks again MT Photography. Not only did you capture love and memories, but also for unknowingly giving me a harsh lesson in self love.

Next stop of this journey- wedding photos! J

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