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As we wrap up the 2016/17 school year, it is time to countdown reflect. Let’s review the highlights….. (lowlights?)

Fidget spinners.  Assume all teachers hate them. Self regulation is big in schools these days (and it’s a good thing) and yes, fidget tools do exist. But, they are introduced as tools, not toys, and they come with certain expectations and rules. Fidget spinners on the other hand….. not my favourite. I’m hoping the buzz will be over by the fall. It has to be, right? 

Slime. I’m not sure when slime decided to take over as the ‘it’ thing to have at schools. Mixing random ingredients like glue, corn starch, glitter, conditioner, etc together and bringing it to school as a toy has also been hard on the head. I’m ready for the next DIY toy phase.

Donald Trump. If there is anything good that has come from American politics, it is this: kids are talking politics. They are asking questions that spark conversation: how did he get it? why don’t people like him? what were the other options? It’s been interesting to see students curious about politics. I’m digging that, not Trump. Let’s be crystal clear.

Hockey cards. One of my favourite things that my kiddos (aka my students) are currently into is hockey cards. They organically require skills in literacy, comparison, conversation, and on and on to ‘play’ hockey cards. I love watching them play, chat and discover cool things about their favourite players. It’s also a step up from Pokemon cards in my books!

home made slime…

THE END! And finally, how much I am going to miss them over the summer. Despite the craziness that is June, I will miss their stories, hugs, and inquisitive questions like why can’t we leave caterpillars in our hair? Why can’t we all come to your wedding? Do you think I can design your wedding dress?

Happy June everyone ! -J



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