100 Days of Happiness


For the new year I decided to take on the (easy..so far!) challenge of posting something that makes me happy for 100 days in a row. I read a stat online that says over 70% of people don’t finish this challenge citing lack of time. Well, I’m determined to prove that stat wrong. I’m on day 33 and really enjoying it! It’s a challenge that I have seen some of my friends partake in and I thought, why not?

And who doesn’t need a little extra happy these days?

Head over to our instagram account (search: ladiesthatlife) and see what has been making me happy so far this year. Some days there is so much happiness it’s hard to just choose one image! I’ve also realized I’m posting these images for myself and not for the ‘likes’, which took about a week before I had to have the self talk of self happiness and not ‘like’ happiness. I’m already enjoying looking back over the first month and remembering the small and big moments of happiness.

Enjoy- and may you find happiness in something today and every day!


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2 thoughts on “100 Days of Happiness

  1. Hi Janna. Just a little tidbit for you to ponder. In 1940 my mom was reading a book while waiting for me to be born. In that novel, she found a name for me. A German prostitute……her name? Janna. And that is what she named me. I have seldom found others with the same name. One day I met a young waitress with the name tag Janna. Of course I had to ask. Her mom knew of a young lady in high school named Janna…..my niece in Moncton who was named after me. So I told her that she was really named after me as I was the original! Were you named after me as well? Food for thought girl.

    1. Haha an interesting way to get a name but sadly mine didn’t have any interesting back story!

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