Kids Events: You Are the Absolute Worst

This weekend was a big one for us; that statement has a very different meaning now. I’m talking we spent Saturday morning at “Panda Fun” – think a MacDonald’s play place on steroids with small people everywhere. It would have been my idea of a pre-baby nightmare. Oh wait a minute, its my post baby nightmare also. Kids are screaming, some out of joy, some because their naps are overdue, some because they are just assholes. At one point I yelled at two kids as they bulldozed my angel over (you’re allowed to yell at other people’s kids right?) As our time came to a close, we did as all parents do, hauled their screaming toddler out of there because they were not ready to leave. Serenity now.

Fast forward to Sunday. We attended our very first Jack Frost Festival. We started off with a minor meltdown because my son didn’t want to wear his entrance bracelet, and then he didn’t want me to wear mine. Upon settling that major issue and ripping the bracelets off, we sat and watched everyone’s favourite Treehouse performers, Splash and Boots. It was actually a joy to watch how excited our little was watching TV somehow come to life. And then came the lines. The balloon animal line- 20 minutes. Face painting- 20 minutes. Bouncy castles- 20 hours. With kids E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

I have always recognized that I was never really a ‘kid’ person. I mean I do love my own kid but I could take or leave yours. When I go to kids events, I hate them almost 100% of the time. But I do love seeing my own little one have fun. I am there solely for him and the memories, the photos, the giggles. This weekend truly solidified that you can have a child and love them and all that comes with them including their friend’s stupid birthday parties, Jack Frost, and Panda Fun even if you aren’t really a ‘kid’ person and if you think kids events are the worst.

Happy Monday!



Will pineapple cure my cough?

Everyday I see complete nonsense on facebook that claims a cure has finally been found for something that we all hope actually gets cured. The latest that keeps catching my eye was that pineapple juice can cure your cough better than cough syrup. This has one had curious because I actually had no reason to believe it didn’t other than my general scepticism of any health information on facebook. So off to the google scholar world I went.

 Here is the down low:

  • Pineapples have a protein digesting enzyme called Bromelain that is found in the highest concentration in the stem of the pineapple.
  • Bromelain has been used for medicinal purposes in many tropical countries around the world
    to treat various ailments such as bronchitis, sinusitis, wound care, cardiovascular disorders, osteoarthritis, cancer, and the list goes on.

is it going to cure my cough or what?

Research shows bromelain can suppress cough, loosen mucous, and relieve sinusitis which may be causing that gross feeling of mucous running down your throat forcing a cough. More research supports that it will help with sinusitis and not cough specific. But, and there is a but. Bromelain from the pineapple stem is considered to be far more effective than bromelain from the fruit itself. And I am not sure about you, but I rarely eat the stem. Therefore, most studies actually use the supplement form of bromelain.

Basically, if you like to eat pineapple it certainly isn’t going to hurt your case and there is nothing wrong with an extra dose of Vitamin C… but I wouldn’t toss out your Buckley’s just yet! As always, if you are interested in trying out a herbal remedy always chat with your doctor or pharmacist first as they can and do interact with other medications! Now, lets all hope winter is dying down so we can all stop being forced to google how the eff to get rid of our coughs and colds!


Gratitude Journaling


I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful bestie named Jess. She is an international teacher, lover of photography, travel and all things stationary. Jess agreed to let me pick her brain about her gratitude journal for which she completed every day in 2016. This was my hope for this year- but it’s already February so maybe I’ll start in March? Eek.

A gratitude journal is a notebook/journal with a daily sentence expressing something you are grateful for. The benefits are plenty. Lower stress levels, overall feelings of appreciation, and an overall calmness before bed.

I asked Jess a few questions about her journaling adventure. Let her be as much of an inspiration to you as she is to me!

Why did you want to do a gratitude journal? 

My journaling adventure started a few days before the new year (2016). One of my New years resolutions was to intentionally focus on being more positive and happy. I know that in order to succeed at goals, they need to measurable, and so I figured writing down these moments would be a good day to reflect and make me smile at the end of each day.
I initially started by writing down my 10 favourite memories from 2015, and then proceeded to write down one moment from each day that brought me joy. I never wrote more than 1 or 2 sentences, because I didn’t want the journal to become daunting or to be considered as an extra task that was piled onto my already very busy schedule. I also used my journal as a sort of scrap book. I used some pages to paste notes, cards and other little keepsakes that were special that don’t always have a home. I printed some photos from Instagram and added little stories or notes of appreciation for the people in the pictures. When the year ended, I was left with the most wonderful notebook filled with pages and pages of memories to make me smile.


What surprised you the most during this process? 

The hardest part was pinpointing just one moment that made me happy each day. When I sat down to reflect at the end of each day, I was often overwhelmed by the tiny moments I remembered. Things that made me laugh, kind gestures, hang-outs and get togethers, delicious food, funny students, family and friends. There was often just so much to chose from.

Are you doing it again this year? 

Of course, yes!

Thank you Jess! Let her be an inspiration to us all !

Jess also has a website- Go have a look and if you think her journal is amazing, her site is hella modern, visual appealing and massively impressive.


Veggie Valentine

I’m that teacher. The one who brings healthy snacks, particularly vegetables, for holiday snacks. But, guess what? The reviews from the kiddos may not be what you think.

For Halloween we celebrated with orange peppers and carrots. For Valentines we had cherry tomatoes and red peppers. I’m thinking broccoli and snow peas for St. Patrick’s Day? And we celebrate the whole month of June with our “Veggie of the Day Club”.

Let’s break it down.

In my school we have lunches provided as well as fruit for snacks, and the expectation is this: you don’t have to like it, but you must try it. We talk about food often and it pairs nicely with the ‘Mind Up’ program, which is a child friendly introduction into mindfulness and how the brain works. Turns out, cucumbers help your brain more than fruit roll ups.

For holidays, as mentioned above, we have an extra special treat. For Valentines Day this year, for example, they had to try a pepper before they could get their half of cupcake. Not one of them fought me on it, cried or made gagging sounds with fake throwing up actions. Mind you, I have had these students for at least five months and we have built a relationship. I have also noticed kids are  typically more willing to try things when their parents aren’t watching and when their peers are all doing it (the one time peer pressure can be a positive thing!)

Most of my students report they do not eat a whole lot of fruits and veggies for various reasons. However, this appears to be pretty well in line with the rest of the world. In 2014, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 93% of US children ages 2-18 were not eating enough veggies and 60% not enough fruit.

As for our veggie themed parties, the results were shocking! They enjoyed the veggies and some of them were shocked at how great they tasted. To say they gobbled them up would be an understatement. And, I promise this is true, one little gentleman said, “I like this pepper better than the cupcake”. Hearing one student literally yell, “WOW! THIS IS SO GOOD!” is amazing. He had never had raw pepper before.  Parents sometimes don’t believe me when I tell them that their darling ate *insert veggie here*. But, that’s the beauty of a classroom. When it’s safe, inclusive and fun they are able to take risks. And the rewards are incredible.

There are tons of opportunity to open up your kids to health fruits and veggies and here are a few tips:

  1. As mentioned above, if you are a teacher or shaping young minds in some capacity, encourage your school to bring in healthy treats for special occasions or rewards.
  2. Encourage your school to do do healthy fundraisers beyond the typical chocolate bar and cookie dough. Here is a great list of ideas and the internet is crawling with more!
  3. If your school can swing it, try planing a small garden so kids can see the true process of farm to table. If not, try visiting a local garden.
  4. As a parent, try to keep your own thoughts (and possibly facial expressions) about fruits and veggies that you personally do not like, to yourself.
  5. Involve your kids as much as possible in the buying or preparation of the fruits or veggies.
  6. Eat together as a family. Siblings and parents can always be role models for good veggie eating habits!
  7. Make it convenient. Try keeping chopped up cucumber slices, carrot or celery sticks in the fridge so they are as easy to grab after school as a granola bar.
  8. Make it fun! Talk about the shape, the smell, and the texture of fruits and veggies to take the focus off of trying something new!

Yours in Health!

J & H

Valentines Day

Ahhhh Valentines Day. A day for love! Here at Ladies that Life we wanted to bring you a giggle on this winters day so please sit back, relax and enjoy some light reading.  We have recruited stories from across the globe to bring you these funny tales of love, lust and just bad dates. Enjoy!

Cat Girl 

So, let’s go back to 2009 , POF was the end all be all to getting into the dating scene.  I was about a year out of a long term relationship and my roommate was not putting up with me laying around the house any longer so she so kindly created me a POF account.  As it blossomed, I sort of developed my own speed dating list.  In one week I went on three blind dates to realize they were all named Monique.  The first one, the most memorable.  I was a regular at a pub called The Bend, so this was my safe zone.  I showed up early to tell my bartender that I was meeting this girl and had no idea what she looked like or anything else about her.  We created a safety plan!  I am sitting at the bar and in comes a person, dressed in very unique style and sporting a nicely hand knitted tuque with kitty cat ears.  She introduced herself and began to share information about herself.  She was not employed, had great dreams of being an inventor for some contraption for cats.  She talked fast and a lot, there was nothing that we could even pretend to have in common.  At this moment, possibly thirty minutes in, I give the bartender the sign!  I began encouraging Kitty Genius to do shots; mine were normal shots, hers were mixed to taste like poop.   Within a few shots, and my lack of engagement, (other then drinking) she politely excused herself, never to be heard of again…. until a week later when she decided to email me that her cat died. They say bad things happen in threes, I believe in that after the third Monique.  The last date with Monique Three ended with me sneaking out of the third floor apartment at 4 am carrying my clothes, that’s right- not wearing them, to my car where I snuck home never to be seen again!  I am sure there are lots of lovely people named Monique out there, but these three were not for me.

Case of the Poops

At first, I didn’t think I had anything to offer but then I thought about it. It’s not a bad date, it’s a sensible return on investment for a few hours of my life I’ll never get back.

–       It was a powder day at the ski hill, I skied from 8AM until 4PM.
–       I went for cocktails with the ladies after a tiring day of skiing.
–       The gentleman who I had dined with two evenings before lived by the ski hill/bar
–       80s party at local watering hole that night
–       I happened upon an 80’s wedding dress, Bon Jovi broach, satin heels and Cindy Lauper wig.
–       I got wasted on beer.

Those are some facts leading up to me waking up at 5:00AM in an unknown studio that had 1 bathroom located right beside the bed. The door had those 90’s style slits in it so maybe air could flow? Sound could also flow and other things as well. I had to poop, I had to poop bad. I told the gentelman that I had plans for 6AM, grabbed my sht and left. The murder of a toilet soon followed at the adjacent gas station at approx 5:03.

We didn’t see him again.

Cocktails, Tinder and White Milk. 

I was talking to this guy online who I agreed to meet and have dinner with. I thought, “he seems cute enough so why not!” I show up to the restaurant, look around and see this man smiling at me. It was then that I realized- I was catfished. While I am no one to judge about weight, this man was a solid 80 pounds heavier than his (apparent high school?) photos online. Regardless, I wanted to give him a chance. We sit down in the lounge area and our waitress comes over to take our drink order. I order a delicious sexy little cocktail to which the waitress responds, “oh girl- great choice!” Then she asks my date what he wants. He says, “Can I get a chocolate milk?” The waitress and I were holding back our laughter. Turns out, the average lounge doesn’t stock chocolate milk. So, he gets a tall glass of cold white milk instead. I was laughing. I wanted someone to laugh with and milk breath was not off to a great start. The night continued with awkward silences, tales of his ex-wife (including the nude photos he found on her phone from her affair…) and stories of his FOUR children. While this story doesn’t end in a Tinderella romance- it was a good laugh. On to the next!

Tinder Tips 

Tinder and I had a brief relationship before I ended up meeting my current boyfriend (yes, on tinder) and here are two of the less than pleasant experiences I had. Singles- take note on what not to do!

Tinder date with bachelor #3 was when things took a turn. He asked me persistently every 10 minutes while watching a movie if he could kiss me which turned into me eventually giving in and to my surprise, he proceeded to make out with my whole face; lips, chin, cheeks. I felt like I was being licked by a hyperactive dog who was seeing you for the first time after a long trip. Needless to say, this character never got a second date. I told myself that was the end of giving tinder a shot…….. Did I mention I don’t listen to my own advice?

Tinder date with bachelor #4 was fun, he seemed nice, and I was considering a second date. But then- one evening, a few nights later, I was out for beers and wings with some friends, Tinder #4 shows up alone and loaded to the same bar I was at (on a Tuesday night) and circled my booth for the next hour like a shark. It was awkward and weird and made the idea of date #2 disappear.

Don’t let this totally deter you as I am now in a wonderful, loving relationship that was brought to you by tinder! Good luck out there ladies! (and gents!)

Bumble and Bust

So, I went on a Bumble date (a dating app) for feminists- or so they say. I started to chat with a very tall and handsome man. We decided to meet for coffee at a very popular spot on Victoria Row (Charlottetown). We got there, I got a coffee, paid and he got his coffee and paid and we continued to the upstairs seating. I felt like I was in an HR manager during the interview process. I would ask a question, get a one word response and proceed to sit in silence. Ask a question, one word answer, silent… on repeat. As my eyes were inevitably wandering, I saw some pals having coffee. As he is getting up to go to the washroom, I follow and sit with my friends. He comes out of the washroom and instead of going on our planned walk, I told him I had no mitts so I must stay with my friends. He suggested we share his mitts, but… it wasn’t happening. I smiled and said, “nice to meet you” and he was on his way. Two minutes later, he apologizes for his quietness/awkwardness and would love a second date. No- not happening. You did not get the job! Even better- my friends were having a business meeting and I got a potential client out of it. Win- win!

Call me!

I met a guy at the 20/20 which is basically the Fredericton equivalent of Sportsman. He was dressed up like a pirate, with a cast up to his knee. I made fun of him for most of the evening, saying his “peg leg” made his costume pretty accurate. He told my roommate I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and then on her encouragement asked for my number. I ended up giving it to him, and left a couple hours later, heading home with the girls. We were making some pizza when I heard the landline ring. This was before cell phones.  It was 3am-immediately I thought something had happened. Nope! Just the guy I had met with the broken leg. Some guys wait three days, a week. Some, two hours.

Ten years later, we’re going on four years of marriage!

Hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day! Spread the love near and far! xo Ladies that Life


Janna’s Top 10 Favourite Products

Happy Thursday!

I am one who loves beauty products. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite products. This is not sponsored, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if MAC contacted us and offered to. Here’s to good products!

Skin careEminence – Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer, Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, Eight Greens Youth Serum and Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. #NOTAPYRAMIDSCHEME I do not sell Eminence, but I love it. I wanted to get my skin into tip top wedding shape and my fab aesthetician Chelsea suggested I go the Eminence route, and I haven’t looked back.

 MascaraMAC False Lashes and Dior Show. Love them both equally.

Lip careNova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Lip Care (Fisher-Mint) & Hurraw (Chai Spice Lip Balm). No lipsticks to share this time as its’s winter and the struggle to moisturize my lips is real. 


Blow DryerKardashian Beauty Hair Dryer. Don’t judge. It actually works amazingly well and as a human who hatesssss blow drying hair, this magical little machine makes the process nearly painless. An added bonus, there is some pretty rose gold detailing.



FragranceViktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I love the roller ball so I can have one in each bathroom, purse, nook and cranny. It’s light, slightly floral but not old lady. It’s amazing.







Brow CareAnatasia Dipbrow Pomade is bae.



Moisturize (the cold away)- Cake Milk Made Velveteen Hand Creme– I’ve been using this for years and years and continue to love it. Non greasy and great smelling, effective hand cream. They also have a killer body sugar scrub. Plus, Cake Beauty is a Canadian line. Bonus!                                                                                                 – Bliss Body Butter. Can’t decide which one I like more- Grapefruit+ Aloe or Lemon+ Sage. They smell so good and can often be found at Winners for half the price of Sephora.


BlushNars (shade- Orgasm). I discovered this blush by reading about it on another bloggers best beauty products and I have to agree. It’s not too much- but certainly adds some much needed colour to my face during the cold months. 




Eye linersStila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. This easy to use, legit stay all day liquid liner is the end of the search for the best of the best. I was flabbergasted I liked it so much, as I was a faithful MAC user. Never too late to learn new things!

I’m still on the hunt for a make up setting spray that works so if you have any suggestions please pass them on! Or a foundation that doesn’t suck.

As a bonus product, and because I will never do a post on my favourite cleaning products… is my favourite dish soap. It smells fantastic. It makes doing the dishes slightly more tolerable. I have yet to find somewhere online that sells The Honest Company, but locally in Yellowknife it can be found at Canadian Tire. It’s pricier than the average dish soap, but I think this product is worth it.

Wishing you well in your own personal beauty journey!



P.S. THANK YOU to all who have sent us messages about funny/disaster dates they have had. I was laughing out loud reading them. Can’t wait to share them with you for Valentines Day! Again- thanks for the love and support for Ladies that Life!




10 Ways to be a Better Sherlock (Health) Holmes

We live in a world where information is in our faces all. day. long. whether you want it or not. “Now that you mention it, I was wondering how to melt belly fat…….now that you mention it I was wondering how to get rid of my crows feet using only 3 household ingredients.” You no longer have to dust off your parent’s dusty encyclopedia collection to find information about cholesterol or allergies. Now you have the option to read articles on both of those topics from world renowned specialists and researchers, your friendly back yard neighbour who specializes in sifting through your garbage, or a journalist who graduated last semester. How can anyone expect to know the difference?! Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you sift through some trash of your own and raise a very skeptical brow:

Who is posting the article?

Always question the source. Is it a reputable source such as the Canadian Diabetes Centre or the Canadian Paediatric Society? Is it possible that it is a satire website like The Onion (those articles sound convincingly real at times)? Always look to go to the most reputable sources of information on the topic you’re curious about.

who is the author?

This part kills me. Soooooo many things we hear in the media are written by journalists. Who have a degree in journalism. JOURNALISM. I am not sure about their ability to interpret data before making blanket statements but some of them have mastered this area of journalism. I read an article just today where Yoni Freedhoff (Family Doctor & Obesity Guru) looked into a claim linking grapes to Alzheimer’s. It sounds sexy on paper and is great for getting views. But at the end of the day not all journalists can interpret research and should be taken with world’s smallest grain of salt. 

Who is the author part 2?

Say you are doing some research on whether or not chocolate is going to be beneficial to your heart health. You come up with the 4 articles below and assume that yes it must be beneficial as 3 out of 4 of these research articles found that there was a benefit. One thing these articles all have in common however, is Petrone, AB. The same author has had a hand in writing all 4 articles, and that my friend is what we would call a researcher bias.

Ideally, your research hunt should be made up of several different authors to eliminate bias.  Newer and emerging/questionable research topics such as intermittent fasting is going to have fewer people doing research so it is likely that the results you are finding are from a select, small group of researchers. A bias of any type should raise a red flag.

Does the information include a cure?

Despite what these articles will lead you to believe, if there was a cure for major conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or cancer, you would not be finding it accidentally through a google search. It would be on every major media outlet for days and days. It would be a big deal. I once was waiting for a smoothie at a Juice place and found out, by reading their sign, that wheat grass cured up to 7 serious health conditions. Imagine that if I hadn’t gotten a smoothie that day I would have never known that wheat grass cures some cancers! No.

What are the authors credentials?

At the end of this article if I write Heather McIver, MoB, GW, BaMA does that make me credible? No. Because being a Mom of a Boy, a Good Wife, and having a Basket of Makeup makes me no more qualified to write about health information than your local tailor. Letters mean very little, even when they are common. Not even a medical doctor can be considered a reputable source of information if they are giving biased material they aren’t specialized in.

Do you have to pay for something?

Cures often come with a large, exaggerated price tag set to take advantage of vulnerable people looking for a quick fix. If you need a real treatment for a health condition, it generally should not be delivered by your local UPS guy and left on your front door step. Generally.

Is the website crawling with ads and popups?

This should shout from atop the mountain “WE ARE HERE TO MAKE TONS OF MONEY OFF OF YOU!”


Anytime someone writes and article that is full of factual information or statements that are somehow proven to be true, there should be a reference list at the bottom of the article. Check out this list and see if the references are in any way legit. If the reference list includes wikipedia, and website testimonials the writer may not have done his/her homework very well.

Outrageous claims?

Along with cures as being quite outrageous, there are really colourful statements that can be just as convincing. Think Dr. Oz. “This amazing and powerful supplement decreased appetite in 75% of participants!” Sounds so pretty. Beware of these statements, they are a vortex designed to suck you in. Even Dr. Oz himself admitted he uses the words to get great ratings, not because any of the products he is promoting are actually the most amazing thing since sliced bread (who can actually cut perfect slices by hand?!)

who is funding the research?

Anytime someone writes about the research they have completed they must declare who, if anyone, has funded the research. This is always found at the end of the article where I believe they are hoping people won’t read to! If the article claims that a weight loss supplement resulted in 23% less body fat in 3 weeks and the study was funded by the makers of said weight loss supplement, there is bias written all over it. While they may not have done anything illegal to fib the data, they may not have interpreted it quite correctly.


Well if that isn’t enough to make you completely confused I don’t know what is! I do hope, however, that it will make you a regular Sherlock Holmes of health claim quackery!





100 Days of Happiness


For the new year I decided to take on the ( far!) challenge of posting something that makes me happy for 100 days in a row. I read a stat online that says over 70% of people don’t finish this challenge citing lack of time. Well, I’m determined to prove that stat wrong. I’m on day 33 and really enjoying it! It’s a challenge that I have seen some of my friends partake in and I thought, why not?

And who doesn’t need a little extra happy these days?

Head over to our instagram account (search: ladiesthatlife) and see what has been making me happy so far this year. Some days there is so much happiness it’s hard to just choose one image! I’ve also realized I’m posting these images for myself and not for the ‘likes’, which took about a week before I had to have the self talk of self happiness and not ‘like’ happiness. I’m already enjoying looking back over the first month and remembering the small and big moments of happiness.

Enjoy- and may you find happiness in something today and every day!


Money Matters

As Jeff and I are officially in wedding year (woo!), we decided there is no time like the present to tighten the purse strings. And by that, we want to truly understand where our money is going and how we can make positive changes! We chose to take some tips from Gail Vaz-Oxlade- think “Think Debt Do Us Part”. Here are 6 tips on how to make the money jars work for you, based on our experience so far.

  • Get the physical jars. Decide how many jars and with what labels. We went with fun, food and slush fund jars. For us, the slush fund is money left over at the end of the months to be used as we see fit. We looked at our food expenditures from previous months and knew we were overspending. We were buying things we don’t exactly need- ie- having 12 boxes of broth in the pantry! We decided to choose a number to experiment with and are willing and able to change this number as we go on (within reason..obviously!)


  • Be honest. The point of this experiment is to determine how much money is going where. Be honest- even when it hurts. If you spend $12 a week on avocados. Great. Own it. This is not a time for denial.
  • Use the cash jars. Going to the grocery store on a whim without the cash will lead you down a dangerous path. Plan the trips, take the cash and be prepared for the cashiers surprise when paying cash!
  • Keep track of your receipts. Again, don’t stick your head in the sand. Use receipts to help guide on how much money to put in the jars. The first few months are the most critical to keep the receipts as you need to be aware of the amount going in may need to be adjusted.
  • Apps. While talking with friends about this, we have learned about apps that exist and we use them! Here they are.                                                                                                                    Wunderlist– An app that allows multiple people to access different lists. For example- we have an ongoing meal idea list, grocery list, wedding list, etc. The great part of this app is when an item is checked off the list, it is removed for everyone to see. This helps avoid double purchases.                                                                                                                                        Checkout 51– This app provides a weekly list of items that when purchased and submitted via photo, the buyer gets cash back. With a minimum of $20 on your account, they then send you a check. Easy peasy!                                                                                                                                  Flipp– This one provides digital copies of coupons in your selected area. I’m not saying we are the next contestants on Extreme Couponing, but, a penny saved is a penny earned. Added bonus to this app, is that it not only has coupons, but notifies you when a coupon matches an item on sale at a particular store.
  • Meal planning. Knowing what to buy makes the buying easier. No one likes going to the grocery store five days a week. A simple chat on the weekend about the weeks major meals and making a list has helped us immensely.

Going forward, we will continue to use our jars. A key point in this journey is being flexible enough to know when amounts in jars need to change. When we have people coming over for supper, we discuss whether the extra cost will come from fun? slush? or food? because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter but we are trying our best to curb our spending. This has resulted in less food being wasted and the meal planning aspect has helped with the daily anxious moment of “what’s for supper tonight?!”

These are tricks we learnt along the way, if any of our readers have any additional input, let us know! Hope this helps! J & J