You didn’t just call to say Happy Birthday…


fish Have you recently been more confused than you have ever been in your life by waking up in the morning ready to cease the day as a newer, older you and then suddenly stumble upon a birthday message from someone who you swore should not care about you enough to send that message?! I have had this discussion with many and we are catching some feelings of skepticism on this one.

Birthdays are hard to remember

To be perfectly honest, I barely know a single person’s birthday off the top of my head and I constantly rely on Facebook reminders and my phone to alert me when it is someones birthday. There are people out there who amaze me at how well they can remember special dates, however I am pretty sure they are the minority. So if I have taken the time to remember your birthday or at least pretend that I remembered, I am also trying to show you that I care about your existence. What better way to subtly acknowledge that you hate someone than to not wish them a happy birthday! If that is how you actually felt about an ex-lover than you would keep your balloon emoji to yourself.

Casting that hook

The act of wishing happy birthday (Canada Day, July 4th, New Year’s, Groundhog day, etc.) is a way of making sure you’ve done your annual casting of the hook, or at the very least, show that you’ve not reeled in it.  And while this may be a small, salmon type of hook (admittedly, I’ve never fished so I’m going on an assumption that it is a small fish on the spectrum of fish) it’s a hook none the less. A hook that is going to tug just every so slightly when you think of officially filing someone in the memory bank…and locking the file up.

Phoning it in

It is one thing to message someone a happy birthday, but your salmon hook just moved up to a shark hook if you get a phone call. Now you can 100% tell yourself that s/he did not just call to say happy birthday. I would rather become a cable saleswoman than make that phone call, so if you are on the receiving end of it, best of luck to you. Go get yourself some Eat, Pray, Love and be prepared to question everything you know for at least 36 hours.


Now I do understand some of you have managed to defeat the odds and create an actual friendship with an ex-lover.  Props to you, but to the rest of you… PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!




(last!) Friday Feel Goods

As we are gearing up for the holidays this blog is switching gears! We are going to be offering a holiday series of articles on Fridays to replace the ol’ Friday Feel Goods.

*It’s being posted on a Saturday because, life. Sorry!*

Who thinks up this stuff?!


Hailing from Cape Breton, these youtubers are funny, but this week- they slay. WORTH A WATCH!

A school in Yellowknife had to have a lock down this week due to a wolverine sighting. Read the article here.

John Legend’s latest song, Love Me Now, features couples from around the world. He posted the behind the scenes scoop on the couples on his Instagram. I love the inside scoop on most things.

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A How-To-Guide to Getting Strong

Might I start off by saying what an absolute privilege it is to be guest blogging for such delightful, insightful, accomplished, beautiful, know- it-alls! While the following article may be written from a male’s perspective, the basic premise is the same for both men and women on how to get strong.

If you’re a young athlete just starting to train, someone looking to be stronger, or just trying to tone up those Mom or Dad bods, there should be nothing complicated about your routine until you’ve reached the upper limits of your strength potential. Your workouts shouldn’t really fundamentally change until you reach this point and that could take years. In fact, I’ve used the same basic boring 3 day split (chest/back/legs) for 16 years now and haven’t changed the basics of it ever. I know that there are plenty of variables that one should consider depending on your goals, and current fitness levels but at the most basic level, these two “secrets” are the most important to keep in mind.

Secret # 1 – Your brain has more to do with your physical abilities than anything
Secret # 2 – Your body has predetermined limits to it’s physical ability and some are luckier then others so don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t keep up to someone.

Technique aside, at a very basic level the difference between you and that super jacked person beside you at the gym is, that from one moment to the next, they’re simply trying harder then you are. It’s not that you aren’t trying, because as far as your brain is concerned you’re trying as hard as you possibly can, it’s that you’re brain isn’t letting you try as hard as they are. Some people just have a “killer instinct” or tenacity that others don’t have and generally speaking you can tell who those people are by watching them in the gym or on the field for 5 minutes. Sounds far fetched but take 10 minutes to watch this very insightful video

This guy is explaining the science behind what, in my opinion, is THE most important thing about training and experiencing results, your brain’s ability to go from 0-100%. It’s far less about technique (although it has to be good to avoid injuries!) or constantly changing your exercise routine (the RIGHT routine and enough rest are actually critical as well), it’s mostly about training your mind to focus and learn to “explode” allowing the muscles you do have to be used. By focusing on your strength as oppose to what your body looks like, you’ll inevitable get the results you were looking for faster.

Next time you’re at the gym just watch the facial expressions of those training around you. You’ll notice a select few approach every exercise (or at least the first few) as if they are lifting a flaming car off a litter of kittens. I bet these people are coincidentally seeing the best results. They aren’t doing that to intimidate you or to be an asshole (although it’s possible) but because they are going as hard as they can, as fast as they can, for as long as they can.

Well that seems easy enough, just try harder.. so why doesn’t everyone do it then?..Because it’s very hard to develop the ability to switch on your full intensity in the blink of an eye on command but for some people it just comes naturally. Luckily there are some relatively simple tricks to help you establish this sort of controlled tantrum while exercising. You can try all of them at once or pick and choose what works for you. You may not feel the switch turn on right away but I suggest that you fake it until you make it and it will come eventually. Here are 6 tips to help you do just that:

Find a good training partner

Intensity can be contagious. The easiest way develop the habit is to follow someone who already has it. Find someone who currently trains hard or is annoyingly competitive to be your training partner and push each other.

Warm up to be explosive not to taper

Don’t be content starting with 20 minutes on the elliptical! What are you? 90!? Warm up by progressing into a few full sprints; not enough to be exhausted but enough to get your body ready to “explode” when you hit the weights. Sprinting is equivalent to the fountain of youth and feels great once you get used to it. If you haven’t sprinted in 20 years (or ever) don’t go overboard or your hurt yourself. It takes 5-10 minutes, hop on a track of treadmill start jogging slowly for a few minutes  then speed up first by extending your stride followed by your cadence until you reach your limit. Stop, rest and repeat. Again, don’t go out and kill yourself the first time! It may take weeks until you can actually do it well and if you haven’t sprinted in ages you’ll notice that your hips will feel very awkward at first.

Visualize yourself in an intense moment 

The moment before start a hard set, I always drum up a vivid memory from the rugby field. This instantly makes my heart pound and spikes my adrenaline every time. For you it might be something different and it doesn’t even have to be a real memory. You can picture yourself saving your children or your new and improved self crushing your opposition next season on the ice. The point is that these sort of thoughts are effective at drumming up adrenaline the moment before you start a particular exercise. The idea is to create a sort of controlled tantrum.

Crank the music

I usually listen to music throughout my entire workout but there are a select few songs that seem to make my hair stand on end, my heart pound and again help in spiking my adrenaline. The moment before you step up to do that hard set crank those tunes up!

Grind your teeth together

While it may not be the best thing for your teeth, this sort of clenching is essential for letting it all out at once when you really want make that extra push. In fact, I would go further in saying that you should basically learn to clench your entire body. Seems tiring and impossible at first but it’ll come. Flex your legs, butt cheeks and abs, pull your shoulder blades together, grind your teeth together and if you really want to give it your all…as one of my coaches suggests, drive your tongue up against the roof of you mouth.


This one is key. It Seems a little too basic but it can be easily forgotten while trying to implement all of the tips above. There is a real nack to effectively breathing that all of you yogis may have already mastered. Eventually it just comes naturally and timing is everything here.  Fill your lungs while you let the weight down, then as you strain to lift the weight, squeeze your stomach and hold the air in for just a split second and finally, just as you start to feel your muscles contemplate giving up on the effort, let it all out in one hard exhale (or grunt what ever floats your boat).  Voila!  You’ve just “exploded”! Now repeat for every rep until your muscles are exhausted and you are completely winded.

So there it is! Now lets all turn into super humans!… If it wasn’t for this even more basic reality explained in this 2nd insightful video we’d be all over that

Friday Feel Goods

Happy Friday ! It’s officially winter here in the NWT- it’s -20 (feels like -26 today). Bring on the cute practical winter wear!

David Blaine blows my mind. He had a new special out earlier this week where he caught a bullet in a cup that he was holding between his teeth (why!?) and he was on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, etc. However, Jimmy’s reactions are almost as good as David Blaine’s magic. Watch it!


United Airlines is coming out with a ‘basic economy’ which means cheaper rates, but you can’t use the overhead bins. Hmmm…… would you pay more to use the overhead bins? Click here to read to read the full article.


A ‘husband nursery’ is now a thing. At a mall in Shanghai, China, there is a spot for men to go while their wives shop. Could these dudes not just stay home? Check out the article here.



We all know Mindy Kaling is the best. Here are some classic Mindy quotes to get you through the Friday.

road The ice roads up here are not yet open. But I can’t wait for them to open!

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The 2016 Infant Sleeping Guidelines

SLEEP. The most fantasized-about word in the entire parental English language. As a new Mom of a 17-month old, I have been made overtly aware of just how important sleep is for both mental and physical health. When I saw that the American Academy of Paediatrics released their new safe sleeping guidelines to reduce risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sleep related infant deaths, I instantly shuddered at one specific guideline.

The spark notes version:

(Check out the full guidelines here )

  • Babies should sleep on their backs and not their sides or belly (even in the presence of reflux) on a firm surface without the use of wedges or positioners
  • Infants under 4 months should not regularly sleep in strollers, carriers, car seats, swings, or slings
  • Exclusive breastfeeding or breast milk
  • Avoid bed-sharing
  • Offer a soother when the baby falls asleep, if it falls out while they are asleep it does not need to be re-inserted
    And last but not least

I can totally get on board with all the others recommendations and in my heart of hearts I would do anything in the world that would prevent something as serious as death. BUT ONE WHOLE YEAR??? After 3 months, it was very clear our son needed to move to his own room, we were getting limited sleep as it was and the adorable little moans and groans were not improving anything. Even after 7 months he was a crib standing machine. I can’t even imagine if, after standing and looking up over the edge, he would see us every one of the 50 times he woke up.

I struggle now knowing that is the recommendation for safety and also knowing it is the recommendation that would have pushed me straight into unit 9. What are your thoughts parents and caregivers, would you keep the littles in your room for one whole year?!



Friday Feel Goods


Lest we forget. Thank you to all who have fought for our country.

The only thing election related I will say is this; there were six ladies who made history this week and read about them here.

I have mentioned this banana bread from Oh She Glows before. It is amazing! We have made it at least four times in the past few weeks. It’s easy, it’s delicious and yes, we subbed walnuts for dairy free chocolate chips. #yolo

I think I’m quite late to this game, but I’ve recently discovered Pentatonix – their songs are incredible. I’ve been singing Jolene to myself all week.

If I thought I never wanted to fly with a snake before, this confirms it. Creeped me out! Thoughts?

Jeff got me this for my birthday and I love it. The bottom flips up to show measurement scale, brilliant. You nail it Kate, every time.

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MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to all teachers who crushed report cards this week. Enjoy your weekend!

xo J

Meal Planning and Prepping 101

I know what you are all thinking today…. WHAT IN THE ENTIRE HELL AMERICA. Anyway, lets talk meal prep. Eating healthy is hella challenging especially if you are employed, have children, have animals, have a partner, have volunteering activities, have an illness, have a life.

We actually have created a world where eating unhealthy is super convenient and eating healthy has become abnormal. Think of the last time you brought a salad for lunch or ordered grilled fish at a restaurant, how long did it take for someone to comment!? “Get out of here with your salad, Sally,” “Oh okay we get it you’re skinnier than everyone,” “Thanks for making me feel bad about my fries.” I can hear it now (full disclosure, I used to make my best friend get ice cream instead of a slushie because I felt she was being too healthy).

If you are looking to get into healthier eating, it is almost impossible to do it without meal planning and meal prepping. What is the difference you may ask? Well I didn’t pull these definitions from Webster’s, but here is my own take. Meal planning means you sit down and decide what meals you will eat this week (or at least 75% of them), then you take that plan to create your grocery list, and then you go buy the foods. Meal prepping means you are often cooking half of said meals all at one time on a single day of the week. Both prepping and planning leads to super, successful eating.

The Issues:

  • Both of these tasks require foresight. If you are a fly by the seat of your pants type of person, this task will be a really big one.
  • If you hate leftovers, it will be even bigger because meal prepping typically involves eating foods already cooked ahead of time.
  • If you have turned your kitchen into a catering service where everyone eats a different meal.

The solutions:

  • img_1497
    Embarrassing…but here is our life planning calendar

    Get yourself a gigantic calendar to put in a common space (ours is on the counter by the dishwasher and is often splattered with food). Plan out at least one meal daily on your calendar. This will help blend all of your life tasks together because if you have to be at a meeting at 7pm on Thursday it would be a terrible night for making a fancy casserole from scratch. Instead let it be a chicken and cheese panini with carrot sticks and hummus type of night.

  • Try to visualize repurposing ingredients versus eating the same foods over and over. This is for you leftover haters. Most people can eat leftovers the next day pretty happily, but come day 3 and 4 of a leftover meal, it starts to look really sad. There are lots of body builders and fitness buffs alike who can eat a chicken breast with sweet potato and broccoli everyday for a week after cooking it all on Sunday. I commend you, but I would also cry my way through each day. Try this idea for meal prep. Cook 4 days worth of chicken, pork, fish, or tofu.
    Day 1: Protein with veggies and 1 cup of starch (rice, potatoes, pasta, couscous, etc. If you are making rice, cook extra for leftovers)
    Day 2: Leftovers
    Day 3: Protein repurposed into a wrap, fajitas, tacos, quesadilla etc with a fresh batch of chopped peppers and onions (chop enough for day 4)
    Day 4: Protein and veggie repurposed into a stir-fry, the sauce will add the moisture and flavour back into your protein. If you have cooked rice earlier in the week, perfect! Now you have leftovers. Always think about how you can repurpose your food!! Cooking ground beef? Great. Cook half for a homemade pasta sauce and the other half for Friday pizza night.
  • Make one meal per week that can hang out in the freezer afterwards where it can easily maintain it’s freshness. Cooking up a chilli, vegetarian lasagna, Mexican or Curry Quinoa are all meals that tend to feed 10 and freeze super well. The key is putting them into single serving dishes to make the grab and go even easier. If it is something you will reheat in the microwave (i.e.. soups and chilli, etc.) store them in single serving glass bowls. If it is a casserole or pasta dish, store them in those small tin dishes that cost 20 cents so you can pop the whole thing in the oven.
  • Create your own stir-fry bags. When veggies are in season, cook up a million, blanche them (blanching tutorial in link!) and store them in individual packaged bags in your freezer for quick and easy meals ->Check it out here<-
  • Make a bunch of those salad’s in a jar Pinterest is always talking about!

Well that is it for today, best of luck with the meal planning and prepping. Give it just 2 weeks and watch it transform your meals and completely remove the stress away from figuring out what in the world you’re going to eat for supper!





Friday Feel Goods

Version 2

Happy (almost) weekend friends! We should make a rule about not having Halloween on Mondays…. for teachers sake, let’s keep it to Friday.

I have yet to order from this etsy shop, but I can’t stop creeping their adorable things! Like this grocery shopping list… and these cards!

So… this is interesting. It creates the sounds of different environments.. from busy pubs to beach waves to bazillions of Harry Potter scenarios I don’t quite understand. I did try the gentle wind chimes one in my classroom and it seemed to be well received.

$12 million dollars for a sub par halloween costume. Was it worth it, Heidi?

Ok, I’m going to get real here. There is Wikipedia for murderers. It’s called Murderpedia. A fair question would be, how did you find this site… well, sometimes I like to catch up with the LA Times. The headline yesterday was about the death penalty and I started to read and one thing led to another. I am fascinated by gangs, prisons and the like so it’s too bad I found this the week before report cards are due….

Anybody heading to California should not fight the urge to grab me a bottle of this !

Happy Friday from the girl who equally loves Hello Kitty and prison gang life,


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Tips for all that Halloween candy!

I know what you’re thinking. DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY HARD EARNED CANDY! We are all struggling together in the 48 hour post Halloween candy binge and you have come to a safe space. Whether your are an adult who planned out treat bags for 75 kids even though your house regularly receives 10, or a parent of a child who came home with a king sized pillow case full of goodies- this article is for you.

Here are 5 helpful tips to get yourself safely out of this Halloween week:

This rule is for both you and your kiddies: Meals first, treats second. Just because it is the week after Halloween does not mean treats should replace that mid morning banana, but it could follow it. It is a great life lesson to learn that just because you have a drawer slogged with chips does not mean it is a good option for lunch, no matter how much you try to convince yourself they are simply thinly sliced potatoes.

Throw some away. I know, I know, but what about the starving children in…..Well guess what? Throwing out those weird molasses candy or that mini box of chocolate covered raisins does not help anyone else in the world feel less hungry. It is one thing to bite your teeth into a delicious reece’s peanut butter cup and and truly savour every bite and it and it is quite another to eat a candy that you wish you hadn’t eaten but have committed to it so now its too late.

Freeze em. Put at least 10 of your favourite mini chocolate bar in the freezer and save them for a day you are invited to a dinner party and you are on dessert duty. I am not so sure if I invented this or not, I am going to go ahead and say I adapted some sort of recipe years ago and have made it my go to: What you will need: 1 boxed brownie mix, 1 can of Eagle Brand milk, 10 of your favourite mini chocolate bar (mars, snickers, reece’s, etc.). Prepare brownie mix as directed, pour half of the batter into a well greased pan and bake for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up, add the eagle brand milk and top with remaining brownie mix. And last but not least, layer your frozen candy treats. Bake for 10-15 more minutes and Wah la!

Sabotage the people you work with. Turn your lunch room, work restroom, and even each individual office into a parade and make it rain mini candy treats. This one may be evil but hey, its a test of their willpower!

Add a little sweetness to your homemade trail mix. Take any small chocolate pieces such as chocolate covered raisins, M&M’s, reece’s pieces, or smarties and add them to a container with almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and raisins! The perfect boost for a that horrible 3pm brick wall! Need a few recipes for some easy homemade trail mix, check it here.

But seriously, if you are sitting alone eating mass amounts of those disgusting candy corn you need to reevaluate your life. Jokes. Best of luck!!