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friday-1270362_960_720It’s finally FRI-YAY!  Here are some more fun links for your Friday enjoyment.

Since H lives in eastern Canada and J lives in the north, we see, read and hear about different things happening across our country.  I’m not sure if you were all able to see this, but check it out because, awesome.

Everything Rifle Paper does is beyond beautiful and I want it all. Follow them on insta to brighten up your day. While you’re ‘add’ it (see what I did there), follow Ladies that Life on instagram too!

I read this article a year ago and I still think about it. Should we be narrating to those around us (and our children/students) when we are on our phones? Also, do you remember your mothers/fathers/parents address book? I certainly do.

Too bad I don’t need 50 clocks, but if I did, Society6 has me covered. I got lost looking at these clocks for longer than I will admit here.

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10 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the 30 somethings

Throwing a bachelor party in your early 20’s would be so easy. Throw on your sluttiest outfit and have the greatest night of your life, one full of shots, games, and penis shaped everything. Your later 20s and 30s however, they can pose some challenges. Don’t get me wrong, ladies in their late 20s and 30s can and will drink any 23 year old under the table. However, our crop tops don’t fit like they used to. Our 4″ stilettos somehow cause our feet to hurt for 3 days after a night out. And rounds of shots bought by strangers tastes like a 2 day hangover just saying the words. But, we still like to get turnt (that is what the kids say now). And here are tasteful ways to do just that without breaking the bank:

  1. A wine tour. This was put as number one on purpose.  If you haven’t been on a vineyard tour than you must pencil one in. There are a lot of companies now that have tour arrangements specifically for bachelorette type of parties where they throw together a bunch of ladies ranging from well seasoned to barely seasoned drinkers and spare you their judgments. Plus you’ll learn some amazing things about wine that will benefit you in your everyday life should you remember them the next day.
  2. Wine & Cheese. Best give wine one extra bit of credit. Wine bar’s will often have a special wine and cheese samplings where you learn all about which wine’s pair the best with which cheese. Who doesn’t love a nice piece of sharp cheddar to cut through the butthole taste of a chardonnay!? In fact, since my last pairing tour I wouldn’t drink my chardonnay any other way.
  3. Paintball. Coming fresh out of a bachelorette party that started the day off with paint balling, I can say with great confidence it is the most fun ever. To turn it up a notch, have everyone throw on an old bridesmaid dress and of course the bride in an old wedding dress! Starting the day off with a stag versus stagette paintball game is also worth 1000 laughs! (See photo re: bad ass paint balling bride).
  4. Booze cruise. Nothing better than a warm summer’s day with cocktails in hand lounging on your pretend yacht. Keep in mind a rough day on the water can really put a damper on your day so a Plan B is a must!
  5. Party bus. No better way than to get from bar to bar than in a bus with loud music, disco lights, and a stripper pole.
  6. Pole dancing class. I have never done one of these but they look so fun. Mostly because everyone is quite likely to be equally terrible which can only lead to endless laughs and its a way to burn off a calorie or two before a big night out.
  7. Scavenger hunt. This takes a hella organized bridal party so if the bridesmaids all live in difference provinces….I would perhaps pass on this idea. Its a great way to see a city, try out all the local pubs, and meet new friends who were coincidentally looking to have someone sign the bald spot on their head.
  8. Spa day. There are lots of spas that have special packages for group facials, manis/pedis, or even a blow out bar and many of them have trended towards being licensed as well. How convenient. What better way to start a party than to be fully relaxed and ready to go. Although as a side bar, beware that some facials can leave you with some rouge skin for the day and it may not perfectly match your leopard print unitard.
  9. Comedy club. This is the perfect bachelorette party idea for the bachelorette party that does not all know each other that well. Everyone has been on one of those where the bride has so many pods of friends but they do not know one another. It absolutely helps everyone share in a lot of laughs so that everyone has something instantly to bond over.
  10. Exercise class. hahaha. Just kidding.

10 Low Carb Snack Ideas

Wait a minute, you said carbs are good for you! I stand by that 100%. However, people often tell me they have a hard time coming up with snack ideas besides high carb items like granola bars, crackers, cereal, or toast because they are quick and convenient. Sadly, too much of a good thing can be problematic. Here are some great low carb snack options that are not going to give you a beautiful, but very temporary, sugar high!

1/4 cup unsalted nuts
1/2 cup cottage cheese (fat free or 1%) with veggie sticks
1 tbsp of hummus with veggie sticksbreakfast-21707_960_720
Shrimp cocktail with celery
1 hard boiled egg
1/4 cup sunflower or pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup tuna/salmon with light mayo and veggie sticks
Sliced cucumber dipped in vinegar
Celery sticks with 1 tbsp peanut butter
Muffin Frittatas (recipe here yum yum yum)

Looking for more information on what the eff is a carbohydrate? Check it out here!


                                                              Top 10 things I love about Yellowknife

Yellowknife. Why did I move here? Well, it was as simple as this. I wanted to stay in Canada but I have already lived in Nova Scotia and Alberta. So it was either central or north and I knew some people in Yellowknife who raved about it and away I went.

Turns out, we aren’t battling polar bears and living in igloos. This city of 20,000 people is incredible. Here are 10 reasons why people come for one year and stay for twenty….

  1. The Northern Lights. They really do live up to the hype. Every time I see them, I get blown away. They are a million percent amazing.
  2. Ptarmigans. These are delightful little birds that are dumb as a post. Since they are white they blend right in during the winter months. I love them for their cute-ness, the weird sounds they make and the fact that their name starts with a silent ‘p’.                                    img_4228img_4230Real vs stuffed.
  3. Summer daylight. June 21st is the longest day of the year and it is amazing in the north. There are 19 hours of daylight. It’s energizing, so cool and who doesn’t love midnight bbq’s.
  4. The people. Yellowknife is quite transient and because of this, everyone is welcoming, kind and incredibly friendly. I have seen many friends come and go, but it never fails to amaze me how welcoming we all are to the next person that decides to make Yellowknife their home
  5. The land is a playground. It sometimes feels like there are more lakes than land, and when they all freeze over, this place is the ultimate outdoor playground. Skidoos, skiing, snow shoeing, exploring and on and on and on. In the summer, its all about boats, tubing, swimming and being outside.
  6. The culture. I know I am extra lucky since I work at an Aboriginal school, but I have done some pretty incredible things in the north. Ice fishing.. check! Collection of local Aboriginal artwork…check! Learning a second language (I’ll be it, incredibly slowly!)…check! There are drum dances, throat singers, phenomenal beadwork, and so much moreimg_3950
  7. Opportunity. It is so awesome to look in the local newspaper and see lots of businesses hiring. It’s a young population and heaps of opportunity for work and professional job development. I have never regretted moving here to further my teaching career
  8. Our friends. I sometimes refer to our friend group as the “PEI crew” but there are many other provinces well represented! The first night I moved here, I was taken to the local Irish pub and there was a table of people and my friend said, “Here they are. Your new friends”. As I started to fill my phone with my new friends names and numbers, I felt like I was being adopted into a second family. Our group is always evolving with people coming and going. But that first night I knew YK was a special place and it was going to become my family away from PEI. Three years later, it is still the truth. Shoutout to the best friend group a girl could ask for!
  9. Consistent winter weather. Sounds lame? Not at all. In the winter it is cold. It stays cold and there is none of this east coast up and down and rain and hail. Please imagine a winter without slush for a minute. IT IS GLORIOUS. Now, better than that, there is also no salt on the roads! I haven’t ruined a pair of shoes since moving north. It is all just beautiful white snow!img_422410. Small town vibes… but with an airport! I love living in a city with an airport, and ours is only a 5 minute drive out of town. Yellowknife is small enough that you recognize people just from the grocery store and feel safe, but big enough that you can buy anything you would ever need.

I love my city. If you are thinking of exploring the north, go for it. You won’t regret it!

Playing in the yearly ice castle on the ice road.





“Stand up for your rights even if you’re”….wait, do we still believe that?

Today’s hot topics include a peaceful protester you need to be aware of, Brad Firth, aka Caribou legs. I recently had a conversation with a wonderful coworker and she said every Canadian should know what ‘MMIW’ stands for. Do you? I didn’t until I moved north. It stands for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. This article suggested there are as many as 4000 MMIW in Canada today.

Caribou legs is running 6,000 km from Vancouver to St. John’s over the course of seven months to raise awareness of MMIW. He is quietly moving mountains. Running without a support team for 8 hours a day, he is motivated by his desire to raise awareness but also for his sister who died last year as a result of domestic violence. Read more here. He also has a Facebook account where you can track his run across the nation. Caribou legs is standing up for what he believes is, but is our country paying attention?

Everyday, we are plagued with motivational speeches. From CEO’s, to government officials and presidential candidates, newscasters, billboards, you name it.  When a friend of mine worked as a cashier at Walmart a decade ago, they began their day with a huddle and a cheer so that their employees would attack their shift full of inspiration. That feeling of inspiration is supposed to make people feel like they can do anything, or be anything, like they can conquer the world. But what happens when they actually try?

In the event you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on the controversy in the NFL where players have opted not to stand for the national anthem, then you may have also missed out on the heavy criticism these players are receiving. I am not going to even begin to speak as to why they are doing it and the history behind the decisions that have left them bending down on one knee, because the last thing they need is a middle class, Canadian white girl chiming in. Along with Caribou legs, there are heavy criticisms towards these people who are peacefully protesting for their rights and those criticisms have implications on society as a whole. If the message we are sending to upcoming generations is to stand down, stand quiet, blend in, say nothing, then those early morning Walmart huddles are going to be pretty quiet. If we expect to continue living in a world where people are allowed to fight for their rights then we need to stop judging those who do.




Friday Feel Goods

It’s Friday! What better way to spend your time then to read interesting and useless things from around the world?

To know me, is to know I love Chrissy Teigan (but really, who doesn’t). Check out this article written by someone who was inspired by the goddess that is Chrissy and her delicious eats. Check it here!

Not inspired enough?, check out this major level of girl power. Wooooo! You go girls.

To anyone who has spent time living in China, here is a homage to some of the hilarious things you would see – this is funny, but true!

Have a great weekend !




What the eff is a carbohydrate?

“I’m trying to lose weight so I cut out carbohydrates-all white potatoes, bread, and pasta.” I hear it on the daily. Poor potatoes. Poor bread. Poor pasta. What did they ever do to you!? And what about all the other carbohydrates, how did they get a ‘get out of jail’ card?

What is a carbohydrate you ask?

A carbohydrate is is one of the 3 macronutrients (along with fat and protein) that, after consumption, are broken into glucose and used by the body as a source of energy. Excess glucose is stored in your body as something called glycogen. Should you be chased by a bear tomorrow your glycogen stores will break open and provide you with the speed you need to hopefully outrun the bear (Note….don’t try your glycogen stores out to see if you can actually outrun a bear, I hear they are really fast). Once the glycogen stores are all filled up, excess glucose can also be stored as fat.

Where are carbohydrates found?

Carbohydrates can be spotted quite easily if a food has sugar as an ingredient, whether its white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey (gasp! But it’s natural!), cane sugar, you name it, they are all fancy words for carbohydrate. So this covers all of the sweets and treats, ice cream, chocolate, sugary beverages and juices, and almost every single thing that comes out of the doors of a bakery (sorry to betray you delicious cinnamon rolls). Less obvious sources of carbohydrates are in all fruit…so stop harping on the poor bananas, all dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and kefir, all grain products (hot and cold cereals, bread, pasta, rice, pita/flat bread, wraps, crackers, etc.), potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn. Wow that is a long list. Some vegetables also have carbohydrates but they tend to be in very small and often negligible amounts.

Do I need to stop eating carbohydrates to lose weight?

Low carbohydrate diets are certainly a method of weight loss and often of the rapid variety. Glycogen (remember that word from above) holds, on average, 10lbs of water. When people eliminate carbohydrates from their diet they typically deplete all of the glycogen stores and lose all of its attached water. On average, most people lose 10lbs in the first 1-2 weeks of a low carb diet. Sounds enticing, and that is why they are so popular. The dark side of this story is that the weight re-gain tends to be rapid should someone return to eating a diet with a full compliment of carbohydrates. There are people who are able to maintain this style of eating for life and for those people the re-gain won’t be an issue. For everyone else, its the harsh reality.

So, I can lose weight and eat carbs?

YES! I even recommend it. But portion sizes are still important as are the quality of the carbs. Balancing out whole grains, fruit, and dairy products is not the same as balancing out doughnuts and juice boxes!

So, if your neighbor claims to have a friend who has a cousin who has a hair stylist who tried this fancy diet and lost 10 pounds in one week… skeptical. Because the chances that she cut out carbs are high.


(I wish I knew who deserved the credit for this amazing photo)

I would love to hear about your experience with weight loss and low carbohydrate diets!


So I guess the 10 second rule is really out..

For any of you who were caught up doing work today at the office and missed out on the water cooler chats, I’m guessing you missed out on the latest research- food that falls on the floor is instantly contaminated by bacteria even if it is only there for 5 seconds or less!! I used to draw the line at dropping things on floors in bacteria laden facilities such as airports and sidewalks. But my own home is apparently out too, whoops. Take a look at the article and get yourself caught up on today’s hot topics.

As if accepting the demise of Branjelina was not enough for one day, now you find out you shouldn’t eat food off the floor. What is this world coming too. RIP.


Falling into routine

Ahhhh. The fall. Pumpkin everything, #basic everywhere and back to school. The biggest mystery in my life is how do teachers lose their stamina over the summer? During those first few weeks it is as though someone cruelly added in extra hours.

Last Friday, however, I saw the light at the end of the back to school bootcamp. No, we don’t do pushups…much… but the back into routine, rules and expectations. Along with the teachers, the students have also lost all their school stamina. But, it’s a great feeling to be back in the classroom. I always feel proud when I watch my darlings exploring, discovering and learning.

This is basically a massive shout out to all teachers (and staff, subs, admin,etc). We rock. This is not an easy gig and surviving those first few weeks- well done. And to all the parents who leave us their darlings every day- you should know that teachers really do love your child. We think about how they are doing long after the bell. They become part of us for the school year, and well beyond.
Thank you parents for trusting us.

I love back to school season. For teachers, the new year seems to start around Labour Day, and not New Years. A time to refresh and improve on teaching practices. I lucked out and have an amazing group of kids this year.

Happy back to school to everyone!


Let’s Taco Bout It

Taco Salad…

All I can say is mmmmmm. Love a good taco salad but they tend to pack a caloric punch! However, this is one dish that can be made very healthy and very delicious! Check out this recipe specifically for it’s dressing, I have found it tough to find a recipe without a creamy dressing and this one kills it. I also spiced it up by adding a little bit of taco seasoning to it but it definitely held its own without it. I never add my dressing to the entire dish, I always like to add my dressing to each individual serving so each person can decide how much dressing they want. Even better, now you can actually enjoy leftovers because once the dressing on the salad its a slippery slope to soggy town.


Tip: If you are taking this to a dinner party and don’t want to do any prep work when you arrive put the avocado on the top of all the veggies, save a bit of your lime juice and squeeze it over the avocado to keep them nice and green. On top of that put a layer of saran wrap and place your grated cheese. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to add your crushed tortilla chips before serving to keep them from going soggy but that is very minimal for dinner party prep (especially if you buy them like I did)! When you arrive, pull out the saran wrap and dump your chips on top.